T h e R o l e o f F a c u l t y A d v i s o r :
Faculty Advisors serve as an instructor for the student’s learning
experience and help students earn credit toward their major.
Faculty Advisors help students make valuable job contacts and
network with other professionals in their field of interest.
Faculty Advisors meet with students to discuss their progress
toward completing their learning objectives.
Faculty Advisors must meet in-person with the supervisor to
discuss the student’s progress during the semester.
C o o p e r a v e Wo r k E x p e r i e n c e E d u c a o n
O c c u p a o n a l I n t e r n s h i p P r o g r a m
Faculty Advisor Interest Form
Mah e w L ey d e n
951- 639- 5437
m l e y d e n @ m s j c . e d u
Kass Mu n oz
951- 639- 5567
k m u n o z @ m s j c . e d u
w w w . m s j c . e d u / C T E
Fa c u l t y A d v i s o r I n t e r e s t F o r m
Name: ___________________________________Department:____________________________________
Please explain why you would be interested in being a Faculty Advisor? ______________________
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