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Applicant’s Name __________________________________________________________ Date _____________
Facility/Room Requested _____________________________________________________________________
Name/Type of Event______________________________________________Estimated Attendance _______
Event Open To: rMember Only rAll Campus rPublic
Requesting Organization/Department __________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________ State___________________________Zip________________
*Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of event.
Set-Up From Clean-Up To
Start End
SET-UP: Applicant must contact appropriate oces 2 wks before event to ensure arrangement of specic needs.
Number of Tables Required: ___________ Chairs:_____________ Sound Equipment qYES q NO
Visual Equipment qYES q NO
Specify any special requirements:
FOOD: Lander has rst option for catering. Call 864-388-8723 for scheduling & menu options.
Food or drink to be served?
Request NOT APPROVED until applicant has received electronic conrmation from Facilities Scheduling Coordinator.
Applicant Signature
Signature above indicates agreement to comply with policies regarding use of Lander University facilities as specied on reverse side of this form and any attachments.
***Please initial each section on reverse side and attachments verifying that you have read and agree to with the terms specied.
Area Coordinator Signature
Facilities Scheduling Coordinator Initials
Reservation Number
Facility Request Form
It is the policy of Lander University to rent its facilities at a reasonable rate to the general public, faculty, sta and students of Lander University provided renter is
in good standing with the University. e facilities of Lander University are rst and foremost here for academic/athletic purposes. Use of the facility(ies) must
not interfere with the academic/athletic mission of the University or regular activities* and services. Facilities available for rental include: Horne Arena, Athletic
Fields, Barratt Hall auditorium, Cultural Center, Sproles Recreation Center, Grier Center, Laura Lander Hall, Learning Center, Science Building, PEES, Centen-
nial Hall Multipurpose Room, Outdoor areas to include outdoor pool and Dingle Amphitheatre. Facilities o campus available for rent are Cambridge Hall and
Equestrian Center. (*including but not limited to Open House, Parents Day, and Homecoming.)
1. All o-campus groups must contact Facilities Scheduling Coordinator.
2. No fundraisers.
3. Person responsible for event understands & must include in any publicity of the event the following statement: “Use of Landers facilities does not necessarily
imply University sponsorship.
4. Applicant will be held responsible for behavior and safety of persons in attendance as well as for any loss or damages
incurred during occupancy; assessments made accordingly.
5. Groups of 15 or more under the age of 18, must provide one adult (over the age of 21) for every 15 participants.
6. e person responsible for event releases the State of South Carolina and Lander University from any liability as a result of this event.
7. e laws of South Carolina, City and County of Greenwood, and the rules and regulations of Lander University must be strictly enforced at all
times. e undersigned agrees to reimburse Lander or the State of S.C. for costs or fees (including reasonable attorney’s fees) incurred to enforce
this agreement.
8. Lander University is a tobacco-free campus. Tobacco use is prohibited on all university grounds, both indoor and outdoor.
9. Alcohol is not permitted on campus without written permission from the Oce of the President.
10. Food and Drink are allowed only in designated areas.
11. Gambling in any form is prohibited on or within the University buildings and grounds.
12. Hanging pictures, banners, or other items from walls, windows, doors, curtains, or other parts of buildings not specically designated for that
purpose is strictly prohibited.
13. Parking is permitted in spaces and lots which are not restricted for visitors, services vehicles, and reserved spaces. Parking is not permitted along
curbs and other unmarked areas.
14. A custodial fee, based on the size of the facility, will be assessed if the facility is not le in a clean and orderly manner.
15. Events may require employment of police ocers for crowd control and/or trac to be determined by Lander University Police Chief & will be
accessed a fee.
16. Fee waivers must be approved and signed o by the President of Lander University.
17. Furniture in facilities cannot be removed. Round tables cannot be substituted for permanent xtures (CH Multipurpose, GC 358 included).
18. Any outside vendors selling items on campus must be sponsored by a University Dept or have approval of the President’s Council.
19. Student organizations are permitted to use University Facilities in accordance with the established procedures found in the student handbook.
20. Event facility(ies) should be secured and conrmed prior to publicizing event.
21. e use of Smart Classrooms requires a University sponsor to be present during the event.
Internal Cancellation of conrmed event must be received in writing by Facility Scheduling Coordinator at least 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.
External Cancellation of conrmed event must be received in writing by Facility Scheduling Coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid charges.
Deposit and Cancellation A Deposit of 15% of payment for estimated fees for facility rental is due within 30 days of conrmed facilities. Cancellations greater
than 2 weeks out will receive full refund of deposit.
Insurance Depending on the nature of the event, Client is required to purchase and provide a Certicate of Liability Insurance. is rider can be
obtained through clients insurance provider. Coverage amount= $1,000,000.00 per incident. Lander University must be named as an additional insured on
certicate. Date of event should be specied. A certied copy of this insurance policy will be required 30 days prior to event. Failure to comply with this policy
will cancel the reserved facilities and deposit will be forfeited.
Facilities Scheduling Each facility has been assigned a facilities coordinator who veries initial availability. Each coordinator is responsible for pre-approving
any event to be scheduled in their assigned area. Area coordinator enters initial request if available. Request not approved until applicant receives electronic
conrmation from Facilities Coordinator.
Include Facilities Coordinator in all planning of Master calendar and events.
Elizabeth McCune, Facilities Coordinator 864-388-8335 Fax: 864-388-8197 Lander University 320 Stanley Ave CPO 6062 Greenwood, SC 29649-2099
Heather Pilgrim Arena, Athletic Fields 6016 8316 AC 100
Mary Jo Carpenter Barratt Hall 6027 8394 BH 124
Eddie Shaw Cultural Center (includes Commons & Auditorium), Amphitheatre, Assembly Plaza 6033 8406 CC 385
New Hall Multipurpose Rm 6019 8564 GC 325
Kristin Brannon Dawson Room 6021 8078 GC S145
Student Affairs Outdoor areas, Sproles Rec Center, Grier Center, JL Steps 6012 8240 GC S346
Kayla Davis Laura Lander Hall 6029 8212 LL 314
Susan Russo Learning Center 6008 8948 LC 109F
Tammie Mallory Science Building 6030 8386 SC 246
Matthew Gilstrap PEES Center 6042 8724 PS 242
Eslam Abuhmad Centennial Hall 6019 8573 GC 322
Megan McCartney
1. Each event will have one assigned University representative and decisions of this representative in all matters regarding the event
are nal.
2. Sets, props, equipment, etc must be delivered & removed within reserved time/date. University disposes of items not retrieved
within reserved time/date.
3. Presenter must meet with Special Event Sta at least 2 weeks prior to event to discuss technical arrangements.
4. e use of outside contractors must be approved in advance and meet with Special Event Sta and presenter at least one week prior
to the event to discuss arrangements.
5. Lander reserves the right to inspect all equipment, props, scenery, and rigging to be used in the event and may restrict or prohibit
use of equipment if, in its opinion, it constitutes a danger to the safety or well being of any persons or the facility. Decision of
technical director or his representative in this respect is nal.
6. Renter will not advertise this engagement until written approval for use of space has been given.
7. Video and/or audio recordings of performances for purpose of resale are not allowed without the express, written consent of the
8. All ushers, stagehands, chaperones, or other support personal supplied by the presenter must meet with the Special Event Sta
prior to any rehearsal and / or performance.
9. Hallways are not to be used as dressing or holding areas. All persons associated with performance should be in assigned holding
area/on stage and not walking the halls.
10. Only authorized personnel may use Lander University’s Equipment and systems.
11. Lander University will provide only those technicians required by Facilities Use Agreement. Running crew, carpenters, & loaders
not provided.
12. e use of supplies such as gae and spike tape is not guaranteed.
13. Only one truck allowed to p ark at loading dock w hile not loading or unloading. Vehicles parked around the loading area wil l be
14. University sta must receive a 1 hour dinner break during conventional meal times.
15. Renter is responsible for security of the facility.
•Must be at least 24 hours between bookings of this venue to allow for set-up/breakdown of event equipment and other setup items.
•e use of open ame on stage is prohibited.
•Lander University does not provide lighting designers by denition, the University provides lighting technicians.
•Permission for use of University pianos must be obtained through the Dean of Arts and Humanities.
•No food or drink allowed on stage or in the auditorium at any time.
•Capacity (631 seats) cannot be exceeded. No one is allowed to sit or stand in the aisles during the show.
•External Groups: An additional fee of $250.00 will be charged if evidence of food or drink are found in the auditorium immediately
following your event.
•Must be at least 36 hours between bookings of this venue to allow for setup/breakdown of the event equipment and other setup items.
•Capacity (2250 seats) cannot be exceeded for any reason. No one is allowed to sit or stand in the aisles during the event.
•No yers allowed on glass ,etc.