5900 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80160Tel: 303.797.5692Fax: 303.797.5609www.arapahoe.edu
The applicant, in signing this agreement, agrees to adhere to all rules,
policies,and regulations of Arapahoe Community College and South Metro Fire
Rescue - Plan Review and Permitting regulations.
The applicant will complete the Electronic Plan Review & Permitting Instructions
outlined below the signature line.
The applicant will submit a copy of the documents submitted to South Metro Fire
with the following stamp: approved, denied, or no permit required to Arapahoe
Community College as evidence of successful completion of Addendum F.
Arapahoe Community College and South Metro Fire Rescue have the right to
close down an event early for failure to comply with the permitting process
without issuing a refund
Facility Rental Applicant Signature
Facility Rental: South Metro Fire Rescue - Plan Review & Permitting Agreement
Addendum F
If this box is checked Then Arapahoe Community College has requested the client to work with South
Metro Fire Department regarding permit requirements for their event. The applicant must complete the South
Metro Fire Rescue Plan Review and Permitting process as outlined below:
For Internal use only:
Approved - permit issued
Denied - permit denied
No permit required
All documentation from South Metro Fire Department has been turned into ACC
The client has provided the required permit documentation and the reservation may proceed
The event has been canceled due to lack of permit documentation
1 | P a g e
Welcome to South Metro Fire Rescue’s Fire Marshal’s Office
Electronic Plan Review & Permitting Instructions
Plan review and permitting is 100% electronic eliminating the need to visit our office.
All aspects pertaining to your project will be performed after logging in to your account. Tasks can be
performed from your laptop or desktop computer (and some portable devices). You will be able to:
Submit plans for review. Note: Individual pages must be combined into one pdf document.
Monitor status of your submittal
Pay fees
Access your approved plans set and construction permit to print and place on the job site
Schedule Inspections
Note: If you are requesting an inspection to take occur outside the hours of 7:30 a.m.‐4:00
., Monday
iday, please contact either Permit Coordinator:
kki Seela at 720‐989‐2238 (vikki.seela@southmetro.org)
Cathy Smith, 7209892237 (cathy.smith@southmetro.org)
ote: Automatic notification of SMFRA approval to building departments does not occur.)
Open our website at:
and click Electronic Plans Submittal on the left.
The following browsers are recommended, and pop up blockers must be turned off. If you are
having trouble submitting from a smart phone or tablet, it is recommended you use a laptop or
desktop computer:
Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 10 (32 bit)
Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 11 (32 bit)
Firefox 29
Safari 6 in Mac OS X 10.8
Google Chrome 34
Opera 21
2 | P a g e
Account Creation:
You will be required to create an account with our system prior to being able to perform any of the
functions listed above. Please note, you must only create ONE (1) account for each user as this
becomes a unique user ID to our system and if multiple accounts are created, you will lose
functionality in the system.
User ID’s and password are unique. Project managers working for the same company must create their
own accounts, since email addresses and phone numbers are required fields in account creation. You
may add others to your submitted records, but they must first have created their own account profile.
If you need to add others to have access to your account (which is necessary if you want them to access
records, inspections, etc. on your behalf), click on ‘Account Management’ at the top, right of the screen.
At the bottom of the page, you will see an area to add delegates. Follow the prompts as directed.
Submitting for Review:
Log in with your User ID and Password.
Click “Create a New Permit Application” in the light blue banner that appears on the next
Accept the terms and ensure you enable popups (ensure popups are allowed for this site) prior
to proceeding, if you have not already.
Please ensure you select the correct record type category and specific record type as if you
select the incorrect type, we must reject your submittal and you will be required to initiate the
process again with selecting the correct record type. This will create a delay in our ability to
review your project.
On the Location page, enter only the street numerals and click Search. If the address is not
searchable, type in the COMPLETE address and include the Suite number. At the bottom of the
window, click Continue Application.
Continue through the remaining pages, following the prompts.
If you need a copy of submittal verification for other agencies, you must print the last page
indicating you have submitted to our agency.
Monitor Status:
The status of your submittal can be monitored continually in the system by logging in with your User ID
and password. Choose Search Applications from the small blue box under the word Building, view the
records you have submitted and note the Status. Or, you may click on “Your Assigned Records” and all
of your associated records will appear in order for review.
Definitions of Status:
Submitted: A record number will be assigned shortly. This status indicates your submittal has been
received and is pending further action by a permit coordinator.
Pending Review: The plans have been assigned to a staff member for review.
Ready to Issue: Plan review is complete and is waiting for permit fees to be paid. Once fees are paid,
the permit will automatically be advanced to the ‘Issued’ status.
3 | P a g e
Important: Permits are issued only to contractors. If you are the designer only, instruct the general or
subcontractor to create a User Account for their company in the system. After completion, contact
Vikki Seela at vikki.seela@southmetro.org or 7209892238, or Cathy Smith at
cathy.smith@southmetro.org (7209892237) to provide contractor
information so it can be added to
the Construction Permit.
The general or subcontractor will then log in with their own User ID and password, Search Applications,
and click the link which appears to the right of the Record Number to Pay for the permit, print
documents and schedule inspections.
Issued: This indicates the Permit has been paid for and documents are available for printing and placing
on the job site
Closed: This status has several definitions. This status indicates the plans may have been rejected or
withdrawn, the plan review was disapproved, the record/project has received all required inspections
and the permit is closed, or another miscellaneous reason for the record to be closed. An email will be
sent to the email address associated with the Account Profile providing you with further instructions
and if the plan review as disapproved, there will be notations made on the plans themselves (under the
‘Attachments’ heading for the specific record). Log in, search for the application, click the Record
Number, click to the left of the word Attachment, and view plans to look for electronic comments made
by the plan reviewer.
Paying for the Permit, Printing the Approved Plans and Permit Card and
Scheduling Inspections:
All these functions are performed on the same page:
Log in with your User ID and Password.
On the next window that opens, click on “My Records” in the light blue banner that appears
toward the top of the page
Doubleclick the records number where it appears in bright turquoise.
On the window that opens:
To Pay for the Permit:
Look for the word Payments” that appears between Record Info and Custom Components.
Click the word Fees and continue completing all fields and click Submit.”
4 | P a g e
To print the Approved Plans:
Under Record Info:
Click the dropdown, and choose Attachments.
Print the reviewed set of plans full sized and place on the job site
To Schedule Inspections:
Under Record Info:
Click the dropdown and choose Inspections. Remember to schedule every benchmark that
To Print the Permit Card:
Look for the word “Permit” near the top of the page. It appears between the words “Cart” and
“Account Management”. Touch the dropdown arrow and double click Construction Permit On Line.”
Print on regular paper.
Updated 12/11/2015