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Student Organization Facilities Request
Student Organization: Contact Person:
Phone #: Email:
Event Description (speaker, movie, sale, etc…):
Title of event:
Date(s) of event: Day of week:
Set-up time: Actual Start Time: End time:
Estimated Attendance:
Facilities Requested:
Student organizations are only allowed to reserve space in one
building per day. Groups cannot reserve the Cafeteria or Cafeteria
Patio if reserving the Commons, unless as a rain location. Space is
first-come, first-serve.
_____ Conference Center (B170) – seats 350
_____ Cafeteria (B177) – seats 200
_____ Commons Area (B182)
_____ Cafeteria Patio
_____ Student Life Areafits 3 tables
_____ B166-167 Breakout- seats 56 with tables
_____ B168-169 –Breakout - seats 20 with tables
_____ Employee Dining Rm. - seats 100 with tables
_____ A240 Lecture Hall - seats 72
_____ Other:_________________
Alternative locations if space is not available: ___________________
Are you requesting food? Y/N (If yes, please fill out catering request form as well).
Room Arrangement: Rooms will be left as is, unless otherwise requested. Classroom furniture will not be re-arranged. Room arrangements refer mostly to the
Commons or Break-Out Rooms.
Breakout Rooms
Tables & Chairs Setup:
Scatter Square Classroom U-Shape Auditorium Style (Chairs only) Other:
Commons/Student Life Area/Patio
Tables & Chairs Needed:
Audio/Visual Equipment: Circle your selection(s)
Screen Microphone Podium Flip Chart Overhead VCR/TV
Slide Projector Computer Projector Computer Projector & Laptop Internet Access
Phone Other:
Additional Details: