Application Date:
Name of Event:
Expected Attendance:
Description of Event:
On-site Coordinator:
Date of Event:
Additional Dates:
Day(s) of the Week:
Setup Time:
Event Start Time:
Event End Time:
Take Down Time:
Type of Space Requested
Stadium Athletic Field Theatre Lecture Hall Dining Hall Gym Classroom Other
Room Setup
Classroom Style
Conference Style
Hollow Square
Theatre Style
How Many?
Equipment Requested
Lectern with Sound
Internet Connection
Additional Request:
Microphone (hand held)
Registration Table
Microphone (lavaliere)
Display Table
Panel Table
Video/Computer Projector
Number of panelists
Will food be served or sold? ________
NOTE: AACC Dining Services is the exclusive catering/concess
ion provider for Anne Arundel Community College. All food
service must be arranged with AACC Dining Services 410-777-2333
. No other food provider may be used without express, written
permission from AACC Dining Services.
This is a request only and does not guarantee space. Do not publish information about your event until you have
received a written confirmation from Event Services.
A $25.00 non-refundable application fee must accompany your request in order to begin the scheduling process. This fee will
be applied to the final charges for your event. Your total fees will be included in your confirming letter of agreement
Entities seeking to use College facilities are required to complete a Facilities Use Request application at least two weeks prior to the date of the proposed
activity. Completion/submission of an application does not guarantee permission to use College facilities and does not guarantee the requested space.
Requests are not final until you have received a written confirmation from Event Services.
Failure to comply with all guidelines listed below will result in revocation of approval to use College facilities.
Entities using College facilities may not:
Discriminate against anyone for reasons of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, genetic
information or veteran status.
Refuse College officials, performing their assigned and lawful duties, entry to meeting and activities.
Assume that permission to use facilities constitutes College endorsement of the group, its purposes or interests, or represen t this to be the case.
Use College facilities in a commercial venture unless the activity is determined, within the sole discretion of the college, to be required for the operation
of the college or to provide a direct benefit to the college community.
Use College facilities for sectarian religious proselytizing, profit, or activities that interfere with the normal life of the College.
Use College facilities for partisan political proselytizing, profit, or activities that interfere with the normal life of the College.
Use College facilities for parties, celebrations, or activities that are essentially personal or private in nature.
Use College facilities to market lending programs including but not limited to credit cards, credit accounts, consumer loans, or student loans.
Limit, restrict, or inhibit the normal institutional programs of the College.
AACC is a smoke and tobacco free institution. All use of all tobacco products including e-cigarettes, and vapors are prohibited.
Entities using College facilities must:
Designate one person to be the On-Site Coordinator who will be present when facilities are used, responsible for adherence to the guidelines as related
to the event requested on the reverse.
Comply with college policies, procedures and applicable County, State, and Federal laws and regulations.
Secure prior written approval from the College and obtain a temporary liquor license issued by the Administrator to the Board of License Commissioner
for Anne Arundel County if alcoholic beverages are to be consumed on campus.
Refrain from using tobacco products on Anne Arundel Community College property.
Restrict the posting of publicity materials to bulletin boards or display areas according to college posting policy, and remove such matter within 72
hours after conclusion of the publicized event.
Notify Event Services if the scheduled event is cancelled.
7. Notify the Office of Public Safety (extension 1818, Central Services Building) if a disturbance cannot be handled by the Group Coordinator, and sur-
render full authority to that staff.
8. Authorize the Group Coordinator to amend the "Services Requested" portion of this form if additional special equipment or assistance is required.
Authorize the On-Site Coordinator to amend the "Services Requested" portion of this form if additional special equipment or assistance is required.
Purchase, as required by the college, liability-insurance coverage, specifying the College as a co-insurer.
Agree to indemnify and hold harmless Anne Arundel Community College, its Board of Trustees, its servants, agents and employees, and any student
acting as such, from any and all liability, damage, expense, cause of action, suits, claims, or judgments arising from injury to person or personal
property or otherwise which arise out of an act, failure to act, or negligence of the entity using the college facility in connection with or arising out of
any activity which is the subject of this agreement.
Laboratories or facilities containing expensive and/or complex equipment will be supervised by College officials, at the user's expense.
The confirmation deposit must be received by the required due date or the scheduled event will be cancelled.
The Requestor certifies:
The On-site Coordinator named on the reverse is the authorized On-Site Coordinator as specified in Requirements 1.
He/she and the On-Site Coordinator have read, understand, and agree to the Guidelines Governing Use of College Facilities.
Charges incurred by the group of which he/she is requestor will be paid promptly to the College, and that he/she understands that a deposit may be
required in advance.
He/she understands that cancellation does not automatically remove assigned usage fee and that penalty fees may be assessed if written notification of
cancellation is not provided within 10 days of the scheduled event.
He/she will be responsible for his/her group and will ensure financial restitutions are made for any damages incurred during the event as requested on
the reverse.
The On-Site Coordinator will ensure that audiences of 50 or more are informed of the location of all exits from the meeting area prior to the beginning
of the meeting or event. All exits from the meeting area must be unlocked prior to the meeting and announced to the audience.
The On-Site Coordinator will notify the AACC Department of Public Safety (extension 1818, Central Services Building) if he/she cannot handle a
disturbance, and surrender full authority to that staff.
I certify that I have read, and agree to the
Guidelines Governing the Use of College Facilities
and will abide by them.
Requestor’s Signature__________________________________________ Date ______________________
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