Outcome Statement Worksheet
Do NOT Attach to Proposal
Sentence one:
Write your answer here:
How many ESG eligible clients will you
report for the year?
Choose one Objective:
Suitable Living Environment
Decent Housing
Choose one Outcome:
Availability/Accessibility- Makes
basics available to eligible persons
Affordability-Makes activity more
affordable for eligible persons
How will you accomplish this? (What
services or activities will you provide that
will cause this Outcome?)
In the same order as above, make these answers into a sentence, adding verbs and articles as needed:
Sentence Two:
Write your answer here:
Specific Indicators:
(How will you measure the success?)
(How will you document that these
indicators have been achieved?)
In the same order as above, make these answers into a few sentences, adding verbs and articles as needed:
Sentence Three:
Write your answer here:
Additional Funds: How much non-ESG
money is anticipated from other sources
to be committed to this project by your
This should reflect all of and only those
funds anticipated to be received for this
project from a source other than ESG. It
should include any other CD funds that
will be committed to this project by your
agency, including those administered by
the City of El Paso.
Section 108 Loan Guarantee:
HOME Investment Partnerships Grant:
State Emergency Solutions Grant Funds :
Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS Funds:
Appalachian Regional Commission:
Other Federal Funds:
State and Local Government Funds:
Private Funds (Donations, etc.,):
Total project funds additional to the ESG funds:
Make this into a sentence, using the word “additional funds”.
bine these three sentences into one paragraph. This is your response to Proposal Question 21 regarding
measurable outcomes. For example: "At least 750 clients will receive access to a suitable living environment through
the availability of overnight homeless shelter, nutritious meals, GED and job training, and parenting classes. 25% of
clients will be moved into transitional or supportive housing, 50% in the GED program will earn GEDs, and 25% will obtain
employment. Client questionnaires will track the progress of clients in all aspects of the program, and client satisfaction
questionnaires will be used to help the program evolve to better serve clients' needs. $358,672 in additional funds will be
used to support this program."