I authorize Occidental College to apply any federal, state, institutional, or private loan, grant, or
scholarship funds toward the payment of tuition, fees, and other charges billed by Occidental College. I
make this request voluntarily in order to be assured that my tuition, fees, and other charges to
Occidental College will be paid in a timely manner. I also understand that an accounting of these funds is
available to me at any time. I further authorize Occidental College to hold excess funds on my behalf.
Occidental College will maintain these funds in a subsidiary ledger account with sufficient cash in its
bank account to cover these excess funds, and that interest, if any, earned by this account will be retained
by Occidental College.
I further understand that I have the right to rescind or modify this request (in writing to Occidental
College Student Business Services) and to receive the proceeds at any time without penalty.
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Occidental College
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