Regulated Health Care Professional's Guide to Completing the Functional Limitations
Assessment Form for Post-Secondary Students With a Disability
This section is to be completed and signed by the student PRIOR TO asking a
health care professional to complete this form.
Consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, students are not required to
disclose their disability diagnosis in order to register with Counselling and Accessibility
Services (CnAS) and to receive academic accommodation. However, the Ontario
Human Rights Commission recognizes that disability services offices such as CnAS
have expertise in dealing with accommodation issues specifically within in the academic
environment, and as such, play a vital role in the planning and implementation of the
individualized accommodation process. Students who want to disclose their diagnosis to
their Counsellor in the CnAS may do so.
Important Notes to Students
1. Current government funding programs such as the Ontario Student Assistance
Program (OSAP) and the Bursary for Students With Disabilities (BSWD) require
that you provide confirmation of a permanent or temporary disability in order to
receive financial services and supports under these programs. This confirmation
determines access to resources and supports under BSWD. The BSWD does not
require disclosure of a diagnosis to access supports and resources covered under
the program.
2. Students must provide written consent in order for the information on the
completed form to be shared with Counselling and Accessibility Services.
3. Students with a learning disability should provide copies of their
psychoeducational assessments to Counselling and Accessibility Services. If you
have concerns about this or do not have a psychoeducational assessment,
please discuss this with a counsellor.
4. In some cases it may be necessary to obtain additional information to help with
accommodation planning. If further information is required, written consent will
need to be provided in order to gather that information.
5. Temporary academic accommodations may be provided to students without
documentation of a functional limitation or disability. These academic
accommodations are implemented while students are collecting documentation to
implement an individualized accommodation plan. Please speak to a counsellor if
you wish to explore access to interim accommodations.
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Check One:
I consent to the disclosure of the diagnosis of my disability
I do not consent to disclose the diagnosis of my disability
Signature of Student: Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
A: To Be Completed by the Student:
Name: :
(Last Name) (First Name)
Student #
Date of Birth:
(Street and Number) (City) (Province) (Postal Code)
B: Student Consent for Release of Information:
I, hereby authorize the health practitioner to provide the
information contained in this form to Counselling and Accessibility Services (CnAS) at
Seneca College and, if required, to supply additional information relating to my disability
related services. I also authorize CnAS to contact the health care practitioner to discuss
the provision of academic accommodations.
Student Signature: Date (mm/dd/yyyy):
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To Be Completed By Regulated Health Care Practitioner (Please Print Clearly):
Approved Professionals
The following professionals who are licensed to practice in the Province of Ontario may
complete this form:
Family Physician
Medical Specialist
Nurse P
Speech-Language Pathologist
Psychologist/Psychological Associate
Submission to the College
Please complete the form and return it to the student for submission to the
Counselling and Accessibility Services at their campus at Seneca College.
Note to Practitioner:
This form contains many sections, professionals are asked to complete only those
sections that relate to being within their scope of practice. Please complete your
assigned section(s) as thoroughly as possible based on your scope of practice and
knowledge of the student.
Students with a Learning Disability will need to provide a copy of a
psychoeducational assessments to Counselling and Accessibility Services (CnAS)
for academic accommodations. If your student/patient does not have a
psychoeducational assessment CnAS will support the student by arranging interim
accommodations, and support the student through obtaining a psychoeducational
This student has been my patient for:
More than 2 Years Less than 2 Years Walk-In/1st Visit
Section 1: Functional Limitation/Disability Status
The following c riteria must be met for the de termination of a disability.
1. The student experiences functional limitation(s) due to a health condition and
2. The functional limitation(s) impairs the student's academic functioning at the post-
secondary level.
I confirm that this student has a disability based on a diagnosed health condition
according to the criteria outlined above, or
I am monitoring this student's condition to determine a diagnosis.
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Duration of the Disability - Complete 1, 2 or 3.
1. This student has a permanent disability with symptoms that are:
continuous, or recurrent/episodic.
2. This student has a temporary disability with symptoms that are:
continuous, or recurrent/episodic.
a. Accommodations to be provided from
to* .
3. This student is being monitored to determine a diagnosis.
a. Accommodations to be provided from
*Updated documentation will be required by the institution after this date
Section 2: Medications
If the student has been prescribed medication for a condition, when is the medication
likely to affect their academic functioning negatively? (Check all that apply)
Morning Afternoon Evening N/A
Section 2a: Students with Seizure Conditions (if applicable)
Frequency of Seizures (Please check one of the following):
Daily Weekly Monthly Rare
Medications for Seizure Related Conditions Name:
Use: Dosage:
Administration (e.g. pills, liquid):
Note: Students must be able to administer or take the medication under their own
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Section 3: Assessing/Evaluating Students Functional Impact in A
Post-Secondary Setting
Note: Use the chart below to indicate impact of disability. This includes rating the
impact of the impairment caused by the disability as well as possible medication
side effects (if any) on the areas of functioning.
Not Sure
Long-term Memory
Short-term Memory
Executive Functioning
Information Processing
Ability to Manage Distractions
- filter out distracting visual
and auditory
Judgment - anticipating the
impact of one's behaviour on
self and others
Attendance/Absence from
Stamina (Academic) - ability to
complete a full course load
Stamina (Field work) - ability
to complete a 35 hr work week
Gross motor
Fine motor
Ability to sit for a sustained
period of time
Ability to stand for sustained
Vision (best corrected):
Describe below
Hearing (best corrected):
Describe below
Speech: Describe below
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Not Sure
In-class and Group Work
Ability to Perform Class
Reading Social Cues
Ability to Manage Stress -
during class
Ability to Manage Stress -
during tests
Effectively Control Emotions
Additional Comments or Elaboration
Section 4: Health Practitioner Authorization
Date Completed (mm/dd/yyyy):
Medical/Psychologist/Practitioner's Name (please print):
Medical/Psychologist/Practitioner's Signature:
Medical/Psychologist/Practitioner's License no.:
Address/Phone Number:
Questions or concerns may be addressed to
Counselling and Accessibility Services (CnAS). Return
completed form to CnAS at the campus where the
student attends (see Office Locations) or fax this form
to: 416-491-1280 Counselling and Accessibility
Services Attention: Service Advisor. Alternatively, you
may email the form to Service Advisor:
Office Stamp Required
Note: CnAS may follow-up
with your office if no stamp is
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Counselling and Accessibility Services Office Locations
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