UMGC Office of Financial Aid | 3501 University Boulevard East, Adelphi MD 20783 USA
1) Indicate which probaonary semester you are requesng:
___ Summer 2020 (July 1 deadline) ___ Fall 2020 (October 1 deadline) ___ Spring 2021 (March 1 deadline)
2) Sign and date this form to indicate that you have read it and the SAP policy in full.
3) Type and sign (by hand) a one page personal statement that addresses:
each individual semester in which you received a D, F, FN or W grade (plus C grades for graduate students);
the circumstances that lead to those grades, including specic dates for all events menoned;
how those circumstances have been resolved, allowing you to focus on school now;
and the steps you will take to improve your academic performance.
4) Gather any and all relevant documents that support each circumstance / event mentioned in your personal
statement, such as medical documentation, death certificates, employment termination letters, or military orders.
Appeals without full supporting documentation will not be considered. Testimonial statements from third party
professionals (doctors, lawyers, clergy members, counselors) with direct knowledge of the circumstances in question
may be included, but must be typed on their office letterhead and signed by hand.
** Please refrain from submitting photos containing graphic content. **
5) Scan your appeal form, personal statement and supporting documents and submit them to the Financial Aid Office
via UMGC’s secure document submission page, Be sure that your scans
are clear and legible and that all attachments have a Windows compatible file extension, such as “.jpg” or “.pdf”. Scans
that are illegible or cannot be opened may cause your submission to be rejected or delayed.
You will be noed via email if your submission is complete and has been forwarded to the Financial Aid SAP Commiee
for review. The commiee typically makes its appeal decisions and noes students within 10 business days of receipt,
but appeal processing can take longer during peak mes between semesters. Each appeal is considered on an individual
basis, however a new appeal cannot be approved if it is based on circumstances that were used in a prior appeal.
All decisions of the Financial Aid SAP Committee are final and cannot be appealed.
If you have an overdue balance from a current or previous term, submission of an appeal does NOT hold your classes,
suspend billing, or prevent your account from being sent to collecons. Please contact the Oce of Student Accounts
with any quesons regarding your balance due.
Student’s Signature __________________________________________________ Date __________________
(must be signed by hand, not typed)
Failure to meet the minimum requirements of UMGC’s SAP policy (
has resulted in suspension of your eligibility for financial aid. The purpose of this appeal is to request temporary
reinstatement for one semester of half-time enrollment (6 credits) on Probation status. If your appeal is approved,
you will be required to meet all cumulative SAP standards by the end of the semester. Appeals from students
who are not mathematically able to meet SAP within one half-time semester will not be considered.
Academic Year: 2020-2021 Form: Sasfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
Student’s ID # _ Student’s Name: ________________________________________
Please scan and submit your appeal documents at
I, the undersigned, attest that I have read this form and UMGC’s SAP policy in full and
that the informaon provided in my appeal is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.