Who is Eligible for a System Connection Charge Deferment and Front Footage Grant?
Property owners who were required to install or upgrade their septic system by DNREC
within 5 years of being required to connect to Sussex County sewer, and paid more than
$10,000 for the installation or upgrade.
Eligibility is based on the current Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development
(HUD) income limits shown below and subject to annual revisions.
Family Size
Income Level
1. Property Owner Name(s)_________________________________________________
Mailing Address________________________________________________________
City, State, ZIP _________________________________________________________
Phone _____________ Fax ____________ Email _____________________________
2. Property Address _______________________________________________________
3. Tax Map and Parcel No. _______________________ Account No. _______________
Applicant must provide the following information to be considered for a System
Connection Charge Waiver:
Proof of purchase (of septic system or upgrade) with description, date and amount
Proof of DNREC permit
A copy of the property owner’s most recent tax return
Applicant must meet the following criteria:
Is current on all debts to Sussex County
Has no County Code violations
Installed or upgraded septic system within 5 years of the final required Sussex
County Sewer connection date
□ Liquid assets (cash, stocks, bonds, CDs, savings, etc.) and Real Estate, other than
owner-occupied home, must be less than $15,000
The property owner(s) further understands the following conditions:
A lien will be placed on the above-referenced property
The System Connection Charge will be due at the end of the five (5) year waiver or
when the property is sold or transferred (whichever occurs first)
The front footage assessment charge will be granted up to five years based on the
following schedule:
Installed/upgraded Septic
4 to 5 years prior to connection date
1 year of no front footage charge
3 to 4 years prior to connection date
2 years of no front footage charge
2 to 3 years prior to connection date
3 years of no front footage charge
1 to 2 years prior to connection date
4 years of no front footage charge
Less than 1 year prior to connection date
5 years of no front footage charge
Based on the conditions above, the referenced property will be granted a System Connection
Charge Waiver for the following amount: _______________________________________
and a _______ year grant of no front footage charge.
__________________________________ ___________________________
Reviewer Date
Utility Permits Division
__________________________________ ____________________________
Property Owner Date
___________________________________ ___________________________
Hans M. Medlarz, P.E. Date
County Engineer
Updated October 26, 2018
to reflect 2018 income levels.