Human Resources
Elizabethtown College
TO: All Administrative and Staff Employees
FROM: Richelyn Penn Mekile
Director of Human Resources
SUBJECT: Signature Authorization Form
It has been the policy of Elizabethtown College to deduct payment for any vacation or sick hours
taken but not earned upon termination of employment. This policy also covers any unreturned
college property as stated below and college account charges.
By signing this authorization, vacation and sick leave may be used before it is actually earned within
the current fiscal year. Your Employee Handbook contains information on the vacation and sick
leave policies.
In the event I leave the College’s employment, I hereby authorize Elizabethtown College to deduct
payment for all vacation and sick leave hours taken but not earned and/or any other amounts that
may be owed to the College at that time.
I understand that I will be charged for any unreturned college property such as uniforms, keys, ID
card, laptop, cell phone or any other items belonging to the College. Should the charges exceed the
amount allowable by law for my final pay, the College will bill me for the difference owed.
Date Employee Signature
Revised: 6/2010
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