STUDENT Policies and Procedures
32.05 Student Appeal Advising Meeting
Executive Policy Sponsor:
VP, Academic
Policy Steward:
Director, Enrolment
& Registrar
Executive Council
Sept 13, 2017
Effective Date:
Oct 1, 2017
Next Review:
Aug 2018
1.0 Student Information
Student Name: _______________________ ID #: W_______________
Program/Campus: _______________________ DATE: _________________
2.0 Appeals Process Checklist
NSCC is committed to a fair, transparent and timely approach to a student’s right to
challenge academic decisions and non-academic decisions that affect academic progress
and standing.
Students are required to meet with either their Student Services Advisor or the Assistant
Registrar to be advised and supported in their appeal process, through the completion and
submission of their appeals package.
I have reviewed the student’s appeal form, and advised the student whether their
appeal meets NSCC student appeals guidelines.
I have provided the student with a copy of the NSCC Student Appeals Policy.
I have reviewed the ten (10)-business day submission deadline with the student.
I have reviewed with the student that all documentation included with their appeal must
be relevant to the decision being contested, and presented in an organized and legible
manner, with their appeal package.
I have advised the student that the Registrar’s office will contact them, via NSCC email,
with a date to expect a decision on their appeal.
I have explained to the student that the Appeals Committee will rely on the written
information and supporting documents the student provides to establish/prove, through
the appeals process, that the original decision was not reasonable and fair under the
parameters of appealable decisions, as outlined in the policy.
I have signed the Student Appeal Form that is required to move forward with the
student appeal.
Student Services Advisor or
Assistant Registrar
I have met with the student and reviewed the NSCC student appeals process.