You must submit this grade appeal request to the chair of the department that offered the course no later
Midterm day of the following spring semester for a class taken in the fall semester or
Midterm day of the following fall semester for a class taken in the spring semester or summer term.
Eastern Illinois University
Grade Appeal Policy
Grade Appeal Request
Student Name ________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
Phone & Email ________________________________________________________________
I hereby appeal the semester/term grade assigned to me for the following class:
Course Prefix, Course Number, Course Section ____________________________________________
Course Title ________________________________________________________________________
Department _____________________________Term & Year _________________________________
Faculty Member _____________________________________________________________________
Faculty Assigned Grade __________________ Grade as Determined by Student _________________
Date of Student Faculty Informal Conference _____________________________________________
Grounds for the Grade Appeal (Check all that apply.)
_______ 1. A mathematical error in calculation of the grade or clerical error in recording of the grade
that remains uncorrected.
_______ 2. The assignment of a grade by application of more exacting requirements than were applied
to other students in the course.
_______ 3. The assignment of a grade on some basis other than performance in the course.
_______ 4. The assignment of a grade by a substantial departure from the faculty member’s previously
announced standards.
Attachments (Attach copies of the following to this form.)
A. A brief explanation to support the grounds for your appeal.
B. A list of relevant support materials.
C. A copy of each of the support materials identified on the list.
__________________________________________ ______________________________________
Student Signature Date
Received by:
Department: _______________________________ Date: _________________________________
Signature of Person Receiving this Request: ________________________________________________
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