ISP 2-712 (12/20)
FOID Appeal Employment Requirement Certification
Law Enforcement and Armed Security
Pursuant to: 430 ILCS 65/10 and 20 Ill. Admin. Code 1230.70
Instructions: This certification (or letter) must be completed by an authorized representative
of theemployer and be returned directly to the:
Illinois State Police
Office of Firearms Safety
801 South Seventh Street, Suite 600-S
Springfield, Illinois 62703-2487
The certification (or letter) must include:
1. The applicant’s job title, current employment status and confirmation the FOID Card is a requirement
for employment;
2. Records of any discipline or investigation regarding the revocation of their FOID Card (which can be
included as an attachment); and
3. The employer's opinion regarding the applicant's suitability to possess a firearm.
Employee Information
Last name, First name, Middle Initial
Date of Birth:
Address: FCC #:
____________________________________________________ ________________________
Street or Mailing address; City, State, and Zip Code
Job Title: Current Job Status:
___________________________________ ________________________________________
Employer’s Statement:
Printed Name:
Telephone #:
Fax #:
Professional License # (if applicable):
Printed Address:
Street or Mailing Address
City, State, Zip Code
Questions regarding the appeal process for law
enforcement or armed security officers may be directed to
the Office of Firearms Safety by calling (217) 524-1669 or
by email at
A letter from the employer on official letterhead containing all of the required information will be
accepted; however, failure to provide all required information will result in denial of the FOID Appeal.
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