Reservation Request:
FLCC Auditorium
Finger Lakes Community College welcomes community and performing arts groups to use its auditorium in the Student Center
at the main campus, 3325 Marvin Sands Drive, Canandaigua. Opened in 2012, its a modern, state-of-the-art facility that seats
409, including space for three wheelchairs. is request form, to be used in conjunction with the FLCC Facility Rental Application,
guides users through a range of available congurations and service options. For additional information about the facility, contact
Jim Perri at (585) 785-1340. For more information about rental fees, requirements and regulations, call the Community Aairs
Oce at (585) 785-1221 or (585) 785-1623.
Facility oerings:
• Lighting for stage productions, classes and lectures
• State-of-the-art audio sound system
• Music recording booth for live performance recordings
• Partial y system
• Video projector and 10-foot high by 18-foot wide screen (1080p high-def video)
• Concert grand piano
• Seating capacity: 409, including 3 wheelchair spaces
• Apron: 40 feet wide in a convex curve
• Proscenium: 17 feet high, 40 feet wide
• Stage depth: 32 feet from front of apron to back wall at center line, 23 feet from
back of proscenium to back wall
• Accommodation for hearing impaired
Other items of note:
Food and drink are strictly prohibited, although you may rent nearby space such as the LeChase Construction Auditorium
Lobby, student lounge or Stage 14 for a catered reception. (All catering must be done by FLCC’s in-house vendor.)
Users must provide documentation of liability insurance as stipulated on the FLCC Facility Rental Application.
Users must pay charges for the FLCC technical directors services.
• Sta charges may apply.
• e College reserves the right to assess additional charges or refuse services if the user’s technical requirements are
incomplete or additional technical services are required or substantially changed without adequate preparation time.
You can ll this form out two ways:
• Print it, write in your responses and mail it to:
FLCC Community Aairs, 3325 Marvin Sands Drive, Room B128, Canandaigua, NY 14424.
• Type in your responses, save the form and send it as an email attachment to communityaairs@
Name of organization:
Date of this request:
Date(s) of the event:
Time(s) of event: Time you wish to begin set-up:
All items will be removed and the space vacated by (time and date):
Event site coordinator (Must be present at event):
Phone: Email:
Estimated attendance:
Will admission be charged, and if so, how much? Yes No Admission Fee:
Will you need rehearsals? Yes No
If “yes” please specify dates and duration requested:
Facility needs • Check all that apply
• Be as accurate and specic as possible
• Late changes may not be possible or may incur additional costs
Furniture: Registration/sign-in table
Tables in LeChase Construction Auditorium Lobby (area is rented separately)
Lectern (podium) on stage
Tables on stage
Chairs on stage
Other stage furniture (please elaborate)
Coat racks
Piano: FLCC rents its concert grand piano and includes one tuning per use
Choral risers
Presentation needs: Basic lights (house lights and overall apron illumination – no spots or theatrical lighting)
eatrical lighting (requires technical rehearsal roughly one week prior, for which there is a fee)
PA system with microphone (specify below)
Wireless hand-held Wireless head set Axed to stand
Audio playback over PA system (specify below)
CD Audiocassette Other
Projection screen and projector (specify if you will provide the following for presentation)
CD Laptop Tablet Other
Music recording
I, the undersigned, acting as a representative of the above organization, verify that, (a)I have received a thorough
orientation and participated in a site visit and (b) understand and agree to all conditions and regulations governing
use of the FLCC auditorium. I further assume the responsibility of informing presenters/performers and or persons
in attendance of stated regulations.
Signed: Date:
Phone: Email: