Please indicate the source and amount of funds available for your first academic year PLQLPXPRI
If your family will be accompanying you to the United States, additional funds must be added to your financial statement.
$ 3(5621$/)81'6±You will need to submit an original of your bank statement or similar document.
$ 6&+2/$56+,3 If you have a scholarship or financial support from an organization, we will need a Letter of
Financial Guarantee addressed to Eastern Florida State College. The letter must state the period of
$ )$0,/<2527+(56833257±You must provide the following statement signed by the person
who will be responsible for your expenses while you are at Eastern Florida State College.
If yes, please provide biographical information on each person accompanying you to the United States.
Name Relationship to Student_
Date of Birth - - Place of Birth Citizenship
Name Relationship to Student
Date of Birth - - Place of Birth Citizenship
Student’s name
Sponsor’s Name Relationship to Student
Address _
Country Phone Number
I hereby certify that I will be financially responsible for the expenses of the above referenced student during his/her stay at Eastern
Florida State College. I am able to provide the amount indicated above for a minimum one academic year.
Sponsors signature Date
Students signature Date
Submit proof of financial ability with this form. Source of funding can be from family sponsors, scholarships,
government agencies, or personal funds.
An original bank letter, letter from employer, scholarships, or other
documents verifying sponsors ability to cover the student’s expenses must be written in English and verify
equivalency in U.S. dollar. Financial sources must be immediately accessible to the student (i.e. checking or savings
account, certificate of deposits, etc.
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