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Students who are not meeting the satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy may appeal for
reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. A semester is considered unsuccessful when the GPA is
below a 2.0 and/or the student was not able to complete more than 67% of the courses
registered for. In addition, if the student exceeds 150% of the maximum credits for the enrolled
program of study he/she is also considered to be making unsatisfactory academic progress. An
appeal can be submitted if a student’s failure to make satisfactory academic progress is based
upon events beyond their control, or a student who was unsatisfactory previously has
successfully completed a minimum of six credits, with a C or better, and paid for those courses
out of their own financial resources. However, please remember that submission of this appeal
form does not guarantee a favorable change in the financial aid eligibility or award(s).
Examples of reasons which are considered suitable justification for appeals:
Illness or Injury which prevented attendance in class
Death of Family Member
Illness of Family Member which prevented attendance in class
Required Court Dates
Transportation Issues
Unavoidable Work Conflict
More than thirty (30) Transferred Credits or Additional Degree (please attach proof that a
program was completed elsewhere; also, please explain what life circumstances have
prompted the student to pursue this new program)
Other Unavoidable Events and Third party documentation of event on organization
letterhead (i.e. licensed counselor, social worker, pastor, teacherno family members)
Successfully completed a minimum of six credits with a C or better using personal
financial resources.
Examples of reasons which are not considered suitable justification for appeals:
I did not take school seriously; I made mistakes and was not prepared
I attended college many years ago and have come back recently.
I changed majors a lot and did not know what I wanted to do.
I did not realize how much all my withdrawals would hurt my financial aid.
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Steps to Complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
1. Complete this form starting on page 3, and write a typed statement in the spaces provided
explaining why Satisfactory Academic Progress was not achieved.
2. Submit documentation that supports the statement and shows how the issues have been
resolved. All Appeals MUST be submitted with supporting documentation in order
to be reviewed. Failure to submit supporting documentation will result in the
appeal being denied.
3. Meet with an Academic Advisor to review the Academic Plan and obtain a
signature from the advisor. Failure to meet with an Academic Advisor to review the
Academic plan will result in the appeal not being reviewed, and it will be denied. Please
note that submission of the Academic Plan does not guarantee that the appeal will be
approved and that this plan is subject to change based on each student’s individual
academic situation.
****Failure to follow any of these directions, or provide supporting
documentation will result in your file not being processed.****
For Student Information Only
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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
Please provide concise reasons for each semester that was considered unsuccessful only
in the spaces provided. There must be an explanation for sections A and B in order for
the appeal to be reviewed. You may use extra space if necessary or type your
explanation on a separate sheet.
A. Indicate the specific date(s) or year(s) of each circumstance that was beyond your
control and explain each circumstance(s) that affected your ability to meet the
requirements of the SAP policy.
B. Explain how the situation(s) has changed for you to be academically successful moving
________________________________________________ ___________________ _________________
Last Name First Name M.I MCC ID# Date of Birth
Submit to the Academic Advisor
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Financial Aid Student Academic Plan
All students must meet with an Academic Advisor to review this Academic Plan prior to submitting
the whole SAP packet. Submission of this Academic Plan without review with an Academic Advisor will
result in the SAP packet not being reviewed. Students whose appeals are approved through the
Financial Aid Appeal Committee must agree to and abide by the following Academic Plan. This
document is not negotiable, nor is there an option to further appeal the decision of the committee.
Student Name:___________________________________ MCC ID Number____________
Primary program of study (Major): _________________________________________________
Second Major: _________________________________________________________________
I agree to meet the following criteria for the Academic Plan (check the items that apply):
Register only for courses in my major(s) listed above
Achieve a 100% completion rate (no grades of F, QF, W (Withdrawl), or I (Incomplete) in any of
the classes) registered for.
Repeat the following courses: (courses with F, QD, QF that count toward their major)
Complete ___________ credits by _________ term
Maintain a 2.0 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA) per term based on Financial Aid standards
******************Submitting this academic plan before a decision is made does not guarantee
that my appeal will be approved. I understand that is academic plan will only be valid if my appeal
is approved. I further understand that this academic plan is subject to change based on my
individual academic situation.
I also understand that failure to comply with all agreed elements of the Academic Plan will result in
loss of my Financial Aid awards. For future semesters, I understand that I will need to pay for all
semesters out of my own financial resources should I not comply with this plan. I also understand
that my Academic Plan has an expiration date (graduation of major), after which no further financial
aid will be awarded unless I am in Satisfactory Academic Progress with a new major.
Student Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _______________
Advisor Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ________________
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By signing below, the student confirms that all of the following
required documents have been submitted. Please note that the Committee will
not be able to review the appeal unless all three items are included in the
packet. Failure to submit all required items will result in the appeal being
Completed SAP Appeal form (all blanks must be completed in order to be
considered complete)
Outside documentation of circumstances for each unsuccessful semester
and an explanation as to how the issue was resolved
Academic Plan
I have read the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy on the
Middlesex County College website. I understand that the Financial Aid Ad Hoc
Appeals Committee cannot review my appeal if it is incomplete or lacks appropriate
documentation (see checklist above). I understand that I must provide
documentation for each term that I was not successful. I also understand that, if I
have submitted my appeal by the deadline, I will be notified of the decision through
my MCC email account within thirty (30) days.
Date Received:______________________ Date of Decision______________
FAA Comments:____________________________________________________________________________
___________________________________ _______________________
SAP Committee Chair Signature Date