North Carolina Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program
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This Final Accomplishment Report (Parts I, II & III) must accompany the final Request for
Reimbursement. The grant contract ending date is specified in your contract (see Contract Cover,
paragraph II. Effective Period) and in the contract attachment titled Urban & Community Forestry
Grant Program Contractual Requirements (see page 4). The final report and final reimbursement
request must be submitted within 15 days after the contract ending date (or amended ending date as
Mail hardcopies to:
NC Forest Service, U&CF Grant Program
1616 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1600
Email documents to:
Contract #: Project Title:
Person Reporting: Title:
Phone #: email:
PART I: ACCOMPLISHMENTS DATA (fill in the blanks for only the items applicable to your project)
Education and Outreach
Workshop/Training Program/Event(s)
o Number Completed:
o Total number of participants:
o Total hours of instruction (all presentations added together):
o Total # of hours of professional certification credits awarded:
Print Publications or other manufactured media (brochures, videos, newsletter, signage)
o Type:
o Distribution to?: Quantity:
o # of newspaper articles published:
o # Webpage articles published:
o Social Media
# of Posts: # of Reaches: # of Engagements:
# of tweets: # of impressions: # of engagements:
***Attach registration or attendee lists with names, organization or business, and location (city or county)
North Carolina Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program
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Volunteer Participation
Total number of volunteers involved in all aspects of the project:
Total volunteer hours:
Partners & Stakeholders – Provide a list of the organizations or groups of people included in the project:
Tree Inventory or Resource Assessment Summary Data
Number of trees street trees inventoried: Open space trees:
Number of Street miles (street trees) inventoried: or acres (open space trees):
Number of acres analyzed:
Tree Planting and Maintenance
Number of landscape size trees planted:
Number of seedling size trees planted:
Number of trees maintained (watering, mulching, pruning, fertilizing, pest control):
Prepare a final narrative summarizing the project. Use your Proposal as a template with the following
alterations and questions to guide you. This is your chance to tell the world what you have accomplished!
Please highlight the successes and touch on any issues encountered during the project.
1. Format: Cover Page or Page Header; 2019 NCFS U&CF Grant Final Report Narrative, Name of
Organization, Name of the Project, Date of the Report, Appendix with supplemental documents.
2. Introduction Section
a. Summarize the Background information provided in your Proposal.
b. Project Summary – acknowledgement of U&CF grant award, provide the name of the project, the
start and completion dates, grant funds awarded, Cash and Inkind Match Amounts.
3. Proposed Need, Plans, Products and Outcomes Section – summarize each of these elements from your
proposal and change them to the context of receiving the grant (why you submitted a grant application,
plans and products).
a. Need Statement – summarize your Need statements from your proposal.
b. Objectives – summarize the goals and objectives from your proposal.
c. Strategy/Methods, Visibility & Impact, Partners and Cooperators and Outreach – summarize the
Strategies and Methods as provided in your Proposal including addressing all of these elements.
d. Products and Accomplishments proposed.
4. Results Section – provide a narrative of how your project was completed and the accomplishments, using
your plan as an outline.
a. Strategy/Methods used, Partners and Cooperators involved.
b. Outreach accomplished, who was served.
North Carolina Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program
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c. Needs met or not met and why.
d. Objectives completed or not completed and why.
e. Products and accomplishments completed.
5. Closing Section– Provide a brief closing “big picture” narrative on how the project and the grant funding
impacted your community and met the community needs. Use the the following questions to assist you.
a. Has this project helped establish or strengthen a community forestry program in your city or town?
b. Has this project been successful in promoting volunteerism, cooperation and partnerships?
c. Has this project helped improve an understanding of the benefits of trees and the community forest?
d. Has this project helped expand or improve the canopy cover in your community?
e. Has this project helped enhance the technical skills of individuals involved in the planning,
development and maintenance of community forests?
f. Has this project had a positive impact on city government leaders, elected officials, business owners,
homeowners or others?
g. If there were any findings of the project or additional needs identified will they be acted on in the
6. Appendix/Attachment Section - This can include photos, newspaper articles, etc. highlighting the narrative.
Part III Final Budget: Complete a Final Grant Expense and Match Report covering all expenses of the grant
1. One (1) copy of your final report.
2. Two (2) physical & one (1) digital copy (pdf), of all materials that were printed, published, or otherwise
developed under this grant. This includes management plans, planting design plans, streetscape plans,
reports, inventory summaries, brochures, publications, newsletters, videos, training manuals, etc. Please call
the contract administrator if you have questions regarding materials to be sent.
3. For site specific projects such as tree plantings, tree maintenance, trail development, outdoor classrooms,
demonstration projects, etc., include a few photos documenting on-the-ground accomplishments. Please call
the contract administrator if you have questions regarding this.
It is appropriate to use grant funds to offset any costs involved in satisfying the final reporting requirements.