Type of Project: Film Video
Please Note: If
you check film or video, the completed form should be accompanied by a copy of the shooting script with
the scene(s) to be shot at Vanderbilt highlighted. If the photos taken on campus will be used commercially, please submit a
rough layout of the proposed ad or printed collateral showing the specific text which would be associated with any image(s)
of the Vanderbilt campus.
Shoot date(s):
Project Title:
Production Company:
Location Manager:
Prep/Strike date(s):
Hours requested:
Location(s) requested:
Special service needs (electrical, security, etc.):
On-Campus parking requirements:
# Cast & Crew:
Production Company must provide to Vanderbilt no less than $2,000,000 general liability and auto liability
certificates evidencing the existence and amounts of such insurance before using the premises. If you cannot meet
this requirement, what liability amounts do you have?
Specific details of the project (e.g., purpose, how will the content be used, where project will be displayed):
Please check to show you understand and agree to the following terms:
I have read and understand these guidelines and agree to the requirements set forth in this document.
I understand I must provide a copy of the insurance certificates before production begins.
I understand that any substantive change in the above information will require resubmission of application.
I understand that Vanderbilt University cannot be recognizable in the film, video or photography.
The use of our premises is for location only.
Based on the complexity of the request, a location fee may be required.
In or
der to ensure that your shoot is arranged to your expectations, we require a fully completed application for short-form
video or photo approval to be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the first prep day or day of shooting. For movies
and other large productions, a completed application must be submitted at least 30 days before your requested start date.