FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Notice
Antioch University is dedicated to protecting student privacy.
As a student worker, you have a legal responsibility under FERPA to protect the confidentiality
of student educational records in your possession. You have access to student information only
for legitimate use in the completion of your responsibilities as a student worker. Need to know is
the basic principle.
Your access to student information, including directory information, is based on your student
worker role within the university. You may not release lists or files with student information to
any third party outside your college or department.
Student educational records (other than directory information) are considered confidential and
may not be released without written consent of the student. Student information stored in
electronic format must be secure and available only to those entitled to access that information.
If you are in doubt about a request for student information, contact your supervisor.
I understand that the disclosure of student information to any unauthorized person could subject
me to criminal and civil penalties imposed by law and could be cause for disciplinary action
including termination of my employment. When accessing the system, I understand that I must
view only the information needed to complete my assigned or authorized task. I may
communicate the information only to other parties with a legitimate educational interest in the
information in accordance with FERPA.
I understand that by signing below, I agree to this FERPA Notice as well as the terms of the
Model Notification regarding FERPA here. By signing, I further agree that I have a legitimate
educational interest in this information, that I am specifically authorized to access the
information, and that I am in compliance with FERPA and Antioch University policies.
If you have any questions about whether you have a legitimate educational interest in any
student information, please contact compliance@antioch.edu.
I acknowledge this agreement for the current year.
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