Date: __________________ Amount of Check: __________________
Account Number: __________________ Activity or Dept: _____________
Payable To: _________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________
Description of Expense: _________________________________________
Date needed: ________________________
All Check Requests
Staple Original. Staple original invoice, order form or registration form to the request.
Attach a copy. Attach a copy of the invoice or form if it’s to be mailed with the check.
Sales tax is not reimbursable. A sales tax letter is available from the Business Office.
Accounts Payable Checks
Vendor checks are issued monthly.
Emergency and Employee Reimbursement checks are issued weekly. The CSBO must
approve all emergency checks. Accounts Payable must receive requests by noon on Wednesday for
payment on Thursday.
Activity Fund Checks
Funds. Funds must be available in the account before a check can be issued. The sponsor
will be notified if there will be a delay in issuing the check.
Vendor and Employee Reimbursement checks are issued weekly.
Person Requesting Check:
Division Leader:
Principal or Designee:
CSBO/Superintendent or Designee:
Routing Request: Please check the appropriate box.
Please mail this check to the payee.
Please return this check to the person requesting this check.
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