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(2020-2021 Academic Year)
After your Loan Request Form is processed, you will receive an award email offering the full amount you are eligible to borrow
for the academic year. After you receive your award offer email, go to MyCCC
to accept, reduce or decline the loans.
I have completed the following:
Master Promissory Note at studentaid.gov Initial
Entrance Counseling at studentaid.gov. Answer the two questions below once completed: Initial
According to Entrance Counseling, how much do you owe in student loans? $__________
According to Entrance Counseling, what is your monthly payment on the STANDARD repayment plan? $___________
I understand the following:
The FAFSA and financial aid file must be complete and verified in order to receive a loan. Initial
Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. (www.coconino.edu/details/satisfactory-academic-progress) Initial
Students must be attending at least six credit hours to receive a loan. Initial
Students dropped from classes will not receive a loan. Initial
First-time freshman borrowers must wait 30 days from the first day of class to receive loans. Initial
One-semester loans (fall only/ spring only/ summer only loans) are issued in two disbursements,
with the second disbursement occurring half way through the semester. . Initial
Loan repayment begins six months after graduating, leaving school or dropping below six credit hours. Initial
If you borrow the maximum semester amounts you are eligible for in the fall and spring semesters, you will not
have any eligibility left for the summer semester. To learn more about loans visit www.coconino.edu/finaid >
Types of Aid > Student Loans
I certify that information provided on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Purposely giving false or misleading
information may result in a delay or denial of my federal financial aid and I may be fined up to $20,000, sent to prison or both. I hereby
provide consent for the use of electronic records and signatures on all financial aid documents. I understand that if I choose to sign
electronically, my electronic signature constitutes a binding contract and may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely
because it is in electronic form or because an electronic signature or electronic record was used in its formation
Student Signature How do I create a digital signature with Adobe? Date
Maximum Annual Federal Direct Loan amounts
Dependent Freshman
$3500 base loan
+ $2000 additional unsubsidized
Independent Freshman
$3500 base loan
+ $6000 additional unsubsidized
Dependent Sophomore
$4500 base loan
+ $2000 additional unsubsidized
Independent Sophomore
$4500 base loan
+ $6000 additional unsubsidized
Base Loan can consist of Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized loans based on your eligibility.
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