FDU Alert
The FDU Notification System will alert you if the University closes due to snow or other emergencies, or to
communicate other urgent information to the campus community. It is not used to notify your family if
something happens to you. Please enter contact information only for those individuals who should be
alerted about emergencies that close the campus or similar notifications. If you do not want to receive
non-emergency information, check the field "Exclude from non-emergency notifications."
**FDU Email, Home Phone, and Rave Phone are displayed if your information is on file. To be excluded
from notification to any of these devices, place a check in the box to the right of the device information.**
Short Message Service (SMS) lets you receive a text message if you have an SMS-enabled cell phone and
you are subscribed to an SMS service. The basic technique is to send an e-mail text message to the cell
phone service provider, who then forwards the message to your phone. To receive SMS messages, you
must enter the e-mail address of your phone (available from your provider) in the SMS field.
Please enter phone numbers without the dashes and only one email address per line. If any of the fields do
not pertain to you, please leave them blank.
Name ______________________________
Work Phone ______________________________
Cell Phone ______________________________
SMS ______________________________
Parent/Significant Other SMS ______________________________
Parent/Significant Other Phone ______________________________
Parent/Significant Other Cell Phone ______________________________
Non-FDU Email ______________________________
Parent/Significant Other Email ______________________________
Exclude from non-emergency notifications
Receive notifications on all campuses
Exclude FDU Email (** See above message)
Exclude Home Phone (** See above message)
Exclude Rave Phone (** See above message)
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