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Please select one of the following Wayne College dining plans:
Wayne College 300 Dining Plan cost is $240 per semester - meal plan includes $300 Wayne Dollars.
Wayne College 600 Dining Plan cost is $420 per semester - meal plan includes $600 Wayne Dollars.
Wayne College 900 Dining Plan cost is $630 per semester - meal plan includes $900 Wayne Dollars.
(Price of plan is based on a 30% discount off full price menu.)
Wayne Dollars are valid only at the Wanye College Zip Station.
Charge above selection to my Financial Aid/Student Account. [I agree to the terms in section K.] (Student initials) ______
Dining Plans cannot
be charged to Student Accounts after the first week of classes in the semester.
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A. ELIGIBILITY: Participants in any of the dining plan options must be a registered student, faculty or staff at The University of Akron Wayne College.
reement may not be terminated or nullified prior to the official end of the academic semester, unless one of the contract
termination conditions apply. (See section I below)
Wayne Dollars will carry forward between Fall and Spring semester, but you must purchase a Spring dining plan in order for Fall Wayne Dollars to roll over to
the Spring semester. Any remaining Wayne Dollars after the end of Spring semester will be forfeited. The Wayne Zip Station may be closed during some
holidays and breaks. Dining plans are not available during breaks: Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring. Wayne Dollars may only be used at The Wanye College
Zip Station location.
C. DINING PLAN LIMITS: Dining Plans may be utilized only by the
student to whom it is registered. Plans are NOT to be shared with other students,
family, faculty or staff. Authorized
employees are instructed to confiscate any ID card used by someone other than the assigned individual.
OGC rule 3359-20-05.10, the
use of tobacco is prohibited on all University facilities, on all University grounds
and all University-sponsored events.
E. LIABILITY: The University of Akron is not liable for damage to or loss of personal property, or for failure or interruptions of public utilities. Personal
property and liability insurance is highly recommended.
F. PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITIES: It is each participant’s responsibility to safeguard his/her UA issued ID card (Zip Card). Dining Plan access is
controlled by the magnetic strip on the back of the card. Make sure that the card is not damaged and is kept in a safe and secure place. Your Zip Card must
be presented to the cashier each time it is used. If you lose your card or it becomes damaged, report it immediately to the Wayne Card Office located in
Wayne College Student Services. You may also deactivate your card online at www.zipcardonline.net. A replacement charge must be paid if your card is
lost or stolen. Participants are responsible for knowing and observing University of Akron regulations and policies as set forth in official publications. Upon
signing this agreement, the student shall become liable for all required payments and charges as they come due. The University of Akron reserves the right to
withhold all grades and transcripts until all monies due are paid in full.
G. RIGHT TO INSPECTION: Authorized University personnel may request to inspect your Zip Card and check it for damage or to ascertain if it has been
altered or tampered with.
H. CHANGING DINING PLANS: Dining plans may be changed once during the first 28 calendar days of the semester. After 28th calendar day of the
semester all dining plans are final and non-refundable. Charges for changes will reflect usage of the existing plan plus the full cost of the requested plan.
Dining plans are not prorated. After the 28th calendar day, the WayneCard/Cashiers Office must receive full payment for the change before the plan will be
changed. Dining plan changes are processed Monday through Friday excluding holidays and must be received before noon on Friday or the request will not be
processed until the next business day. Requests to cancel or change the dining plans after cut-off dates will not be granted. The online dining plan change form
can be found by logging into your “My Akron” account and, clicking on the Dining Plan change icon, then complete the information on the form for your
change / cancel request.
Withdrawal from The University of Akron before the end of the 28
calendar day
Wayne Campus Dining Plans may not be cancelled after the 28
calendar day of the semester. All cancellation requests must be received by the end of
the 28
calendar day of the semester.
J. REFUNDS: Dining refunds will be based upon usage from the first day of class through the 28th calendar day of the semester. After the 28th calendar day
no refunds will be issued for dining plans. In addition, if the participant cancels their dining plan during the fall or spring term prior to the 28th calendar day a
student will be refunded the cost of the dining plan less any usage to date. After the 28
calendar day of the semester, all dining plans are final and non-
K. FINANCIAL AID / STUDENT ACCOUNT: (If selected) I hereby authorize The University of Akron to use my financial aid sources, including grants,
student loans, or scholarships that I have been awarded, to pay the charges for the dining plan that I have selected on this form. I recognize that these charges
will be paid after tuition, fees, and housing charges. I affirm that my total financial aid awards are sufficient to cover these charges. I further understand that
these charges will be paid prior to my receiving any remaining balance of my financial aid.
I agree that if my financial aid is reduced for any reason, and I no longer have sufficient aid to cover these authorized charges, I will assume responsibility and
immediately remit payment to The University of Akron.
I understand that I have the right to refuse The University of Akron permission to apply my financial aid toward the charges for the dining plan that I have
selected, and that I may cancel this authorization at any time prior to the charges being paid. If I choose to refuse or cancel this authorization, I will assume
full responsibility of payment, and
could be assessed late penalty fees as well as a hold preventing future registration, if payment is not made timely.
I. CONTRACT TERMINATION: Failure to participate in a Dining Plan does not and will not automatically release a student from his/her dining contract.
Students may terminate this agreement only for one of the following reasons:
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