F1 Visa Guest Permission Letter
Washtenaw Community College ATTN: Oce of Admissions 4800 East Huron River Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48105 USA www.wccnet.edu studrec@wccnet.edu 12/19
All students studying in the United States on an F1 student visa require permission from their current instuon's SEVIS advisor
prior to studying as a guest student at WCC.
A permission leer is required each semester the student wishes to take classes at WCC as a guest F1 student.
WCC Oce Use Only:
Passport: _____ Visa: _____ I 94: _____ Current Form I20: _____ SGASTDN: _____ FH Hold: _____ Inial: ______ Date: ___________
Secon A—Completed by student
Secon B—Completed by Internaonal Advisor
Please complete Secon B and submit to studrec@wccnet.edu. We will not accept this form from the student.
The above student has requested to take a class at WCC as a guest student while their SEVIS record is maintained by your instuon.
Semester of aendance at WCC (check one) :
Fall (August-December) Winter (January-May) Spring/Summer (May-August) Year: ________________
Area of study at WCC (check one) :
Business & Computer Technologies Humanies, Social & Behavioral Science Health Science Mathemacs, Science & Engineering Technologies
Full Name: __________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________
Local Address: ______________________________________________________________________Apt #__________________
City:_______________________________________________ State:__________ Zip Code: ______________________________
Phone #:______________________________________________ Email:______________________________________________
I cerfy that the aforemenoned student is currently in valid F1 immigraon status:
Yes No
Instuon: _______________________________________________________________________________________
DSO Name:________________________________________________________ Phone #: _______________________
By signing, I grant the aforemenoned student permission to aend Washtenaw Community College as an F1 guest student.
Signature:__________________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________
I authorize the informaon requested below to be released to Washtenaw Community College
Student Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _______________ WCC ID # @________________