External Vendor/Group Tabling Request Form
Submit to: Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations (Campus Center, Suite 241)
Phone: (609)652-4878 / Fax: (609)626-5538 / E-mail: Event.Services@Stockton.edu
Sales: (Describe) ____________________________________________________________________________________
Distributing Information: (Describe) ____
Which best describes your company/organization? (Check One) For Profit Not-for-Profit
E-mail Address:____________________________________________________________________________________________
Business/Home Number:_______________________________________ Cell Number:____________________________________
Requestor must complete the request form and allow 2 business days for review/processing.
Tabling hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm during the academic year (September-May). Tabling is not recommended during winter or
spring breaks.
Tabling activities are assigned based on availability to the Lower D-Wing Gallery in the Academic Complex.
The University will supply the table(s) and chairs.
Tabling activities are confined to the table space(s) assigned. Setup must be contained within that designated area. Tables may not be
moved. Access to electrical outlets is not available.
Placing items against or affixing them to the walls/windows is prohibited. Pedestrian walkways must be kept clear.
Aggressive solicitation methods or solicitation outside of the assigned area is prohibited.
Activities are not to interfere with the normal operations of the University.
There is no parking adjacent to the building. Parking is available in Lots 0-7. A guest parking pass is required. Special accommodations can
be made by request for the 10 minute unload/load zone along Lakeside Lane. A gate code is required. If Lots 0-7 are filled, shuttles are
available from the North Lot and Lot 8 located on Pomona Rd. Parking instructions subject to change.
Sales of consumable products are not permitted.
Failure to comply with these conditions may result in cancelation of reservation(s) without refund.
Payment is due to the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations, Campus Center Suite 241, at or prior to the time of setup.
Cash or check only. Make checks payable to “Stockton University”.
Rates: $30.00 (1) 6ft tables with 2 chairs / $50.00 (2) 6ft tables with 4 chairs
Exceptions: There is no charge for informational tabling for Not-for-Profit groups.
Date(s)_______________________________________________Time(s)________________ # of Tables ____ Fee:________
Date(s)_______________________________________________Time(s)________________ # of Tables ____ Fee:________
TOTAL Fees:_______________
Payment Received Date:___________________________
_____ Cash _____Check#______________________
ice Use Only: Apply to Fundraising Account #:__________________________________________
(cc Melissa Vander Ryk for Club/Organizations fee deposits) Processed by:____________________