September 2019
Extensions to Graduate Programs
Guidelines for Granting Extensions to Graduate Programs
These Guidelines were approved by the FGSR Graduate Studies Committee in July, 2005.
Circumstances may sometimes justify an Extension to a student’s Graduate Program beyond the normal
maximum period identified in the Graduate Calendar.
1) An Extension to a Graduate Program may be considered under any of the following
conditions which have interfered with the student’s ability to complete their Program within the normal
maximum period:
a) Illness, family strife, or unforeseen family responsibilities*
b) Pursuit of an employment opportunity which was a positive experience towards the
student’s Graduate Program*
c) Unforeseen difficulties beyond the control of the student in pursuit of the thesis
*Note: In cases (a) and (b) above, it is highly preferable that the student apply for a Leave
of Absence from their Programs at the time of the situation which “stops the clock” on their
normal time-for-completion of their Program.
2) A student applying for an Extension should complete an application for Program Extension and submit it to
their Program Coordinator/Director for approval. The request should describe the reasons for the requested
extension and a timeline for program completion. After the Program Coordinator/Director has reviewed the
application it will be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.
3) The Extension to a Program will be for a maximum of 1 year in length per request. Extensions can be
granted a maximum of two times for Master’s programs and three times for PhD programs.
4) A student at or beyond their normal maximum Program period who is denied an Extension will normally be
required to withdraw from their Graduate Program.
5) A student who does not complete their Program within the maximum number of allowable Extensions will
normally be required to withdraw from their Graduate Program.
6) Extensions will not be granted retroactively to a student who abandoned their Program (i.e. failed to register
for one or more semester) and is beyond their normal maximum Program period.
September 2019
Application for Program Extension
For Graduate Students
(see Section 20 of the Academic Calendar)
Student: Fill out sections 1 to 5
1. Provide your name and contact information
Student’s Name
Student #
Phone #
2. Provide information about your program
Thesis/MRP title
3. Please indicate the period of time for which you are requesting an extension.
(Note: the maximum time for an extension is 12 months)
September to December
January to April
May to August
4. Please provide the reason for the extension. Attach an extra page, if needed.
5. Describe in detail your plan to complete your program within the time requested, complete with a timeline.
Attach an extra page, if needed.
6. Please sign
click to sign
click to edit
September 2019
Supervisor: Fill out section 7
7. Sign the following declaration
I support the student’s request for an extension and agree with their plan for completion in the time allowed by the
Program Co-ordinator: Fill out section 8
8. Complete the checklist (Extensions should be recommended only for students in “good standing.”)
Student has been registered for all semesters since admission and is currently registered
Student’s CGPA is at least 3.00
Student has achieved a passing grade in all courses
If extension request granted, revised completion date will be:
Anticipated graduation will be: Winter Spring Fall
Return form to:
Saint Mary’s University
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
923 Robie Street, Atrium Building, Suite 210
Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3
Extension Granted Yes No
Signature, Dean or Designate: