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For first assessment in 2018
Candidate personal code:
Extended essay - Reflections on planning and progress form
Candidate: This form is to be completed by the candidate during the course and completion of their EE. This document records
reflections on your planning and progress, and the nature of your discussions with your supervisor. You must undertake three
formal reflection sessions with your supervisor: The first formal reflection session should focus on your initial ideas and how you
plan to undertake your research; the interim reflection session is once a significant amount of your research has been completed,
and the final session will be in the form of a viva voce once you have completed and handed in your EE. This document acts as
a record in supporting the authenticity of your work. The three reflections combined must amount to no more than 500 words.
The completion of this form is a mandatory requirement of the EE for first assessment May 2018. It must be submitted
together with the completed EE for assessment under Criterion E.
rvisor: You must have three reflection sessions with each candidate, one early on in the process, an interim meeting and
then the final viva voce. Other check-in sessions are permitted but do not need to be recorded on this sheet. After each reflection
session candidates must record their reflections and as the supervisor you must sign and date this form.
First reflection session
Candidate comments:
Date: Supervisor initials:
I was introduced to sport psychology during our psychology course work, and I was instantly interested and fascinated by the
topic. It got me wondering about reasons why some people are much more motivated to exercise and do sports than others,
and I’ve decided to write about this topic in my extended essay. I’ve started my research by defining relevant concepts for
my research, and searching for relevant literature. So far it looks like there is a lot that has already been written about this
topic, and there are many different experiments that have been carried out as well. This might be problematic, as it means
that it is more challenging to find a gap in the current research and knowledge on the topic.
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Interim reflection
Candidate comments:
Date: Supervisor initials:
Final reflection - Viva voce
Candidate comments:
Date: Supervisor initials:
Because there is so much research out there about the topic of which factors lead to people being physically active, I’ve
decided to conduct a secondary literature search in order to answer my research question. I was a little concerned that I
would not be able to provide any new information through an experiment, so instead I’ve chosen to compare the results of
different experiments and studies to answer the following research question: Are personality factors or is social support more
effective in one’s motivation to be physically active? There are of course downsides to using this method, as I will need to
rely on data retrieved and analysed by others. To solve this issue as much as possible, I will critically evaluate the methods
used in the study as well as evaluate the ecological validity of the results. However, from my reading I’ve come to realise that
it seems nearly impossible to conduct a “perfect” research as there are downsides to most methods, and you cannot always
account for all variables, especially in psychology.
My research led me to conclude that I couldn’t actually answer my research question as I had intended. I had thought that I
would be able to find out which factors are more effective, but due to the method I used I could only conclude that actually
they are both effective but just in different ways. More interestingly, it also seems that these two factors interact with each
other, but it was impossible for me to conclude to what extent and in what way. If I was to do the research again, I would try
to narrow down my topic a little more and then conduct an experiment to get some concrete results.
Apart from gaining a lot more knowledge in psychology, I also feel that I’ve learned a lot about writing and researching for an
essay. The research was very challenging in the beginning, because I’ve never been a very strong note-taker, and I
struggled to keep track of my ideas. However, my supervisor was very helpful in terms of advising me on different strategies
which I can develop further in the future.
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Supervisor comments: