Request to Fill Vacancy NFAC – 8-2015
Distribution by HR: HR Budget Mgr/Supervisor SOC_______________
Position Information
Existing Vacancy New Position (completion of steps in section below required)
One: Email a copy of Job Description to Two: HR has evaluated position for title & compensation
If new position, are existing budget funds available?
Yes please indicate fund and budget line ______________________________________
No please obtain President’s signature _________________________________________
Explanation/Comments: _______________________________________________________________________________
Position Title: __________________________________________________________________________ Pay Grade: ____________
Monthly Paid/ Annualized Salary:____________ Bi-Weekly Paid/Hourly Rate: ____________/Annualized Salary: ____________
Classification: Administrator-61101 Staff-61201 Intern-61303
Dept. Standard Work Week: 35 hours 40 hours Other_____Scheduled Hours: _______ Hours of Work: From_____ To _____
Employment Cycle Dates (If less than 12 months standard work months are whole months) From: __________ To: __________
Position Type: (please check appropriate box)
Full Time/12 mos – FTE 1.0 Full Time/10 mos - FTE .83 Full Time/9 mos - FTE .75 Half Time FTE .50
Other__________________ (if work schedule is less than department standard and employment cycle is less than 12 months, please use
the following calculation to determine FTE: Employee’s scheduled hours divided by department standard = __________,
Employment cycle months divided by 12 months = __________. Multiply, that will equal the FTE)
Funding Source: General Ledger Account Number: 80 90 0 _______ _______ _______ _______ _______
Department Fund Name/Grant Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Previous Incumbent’s Name: ____________________________________ TERM form sent to HR (date)______________
Last Day Physically Worked: ____________ Reason for Leaving:_____________________ Close Vacated Position? YES NO
Authorization – All signatures are required *
*1)_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________
Budget Manager signature certifies position funds will be available in the indicated unit budget Date
*2)_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________
Division Head signature certifies necessity of requested position Date
*3) ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________
Chief Diversity Officer signature certifies recruitment Diversity Plan Date
_______________________________ _______________________
Director of Strategic Budgeting & Analysis signature certifies confirmation of available funding Date
*5) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________
Human Resources signature certifies correct position data (classification/compensation/FTE) Date
Please complete all data concerning staffing needs, obtain required signatures and forward to Human Resource office for processing.
Please contact the Chief Diversity Officer and Human Resources to discuss advertising strategies.
Human Resources Office Use Only
Position ID (Datatel) ___________________________________________________________ Internal Post Date: ________
Dept. Abbreviation Object Code(3 digit) Title Abbreviation
Close Vacated Position? YES NO
Request to Fill Vacancy for Non-Faculty Position