This form is to be completed by existing sublessee/land holders seeking approval from Executive
Director Township Leasing (EDTL) for new leasing arrangements, to make changes to existing land tenure
arrangements including changes to land usage and approval to develop or construct on land.
Existing Sublessee/Occupant Land Tenure Request Application
1. Date of Application: Insert date of application
2. Applicant/Organisation: Insert name of organisation/applicant
3. Contact Person/Contact Details: Insert contact detail (telephone/email/postal address)
4. Proposal: Insert brief description of the proposal
Request for
New lease
Variation to Existing Lease
Seeking approval to construct, place, add, replace or remove buildings or infrastructure on
already leased land.
Extinguish Existing Lease
5. Request Overview: Provide any background information
6. Timeframes: Provide details of timeframes for proposal
7. Lease Sites: Please provide details of sites, lot, locations, community - if known
8. Additional Information: Insert any additional information relevant to application/request
9. Attachments - Plans/Drawings: Please attach any preliminary building plans, drawings and or site plans to
the application
For further information or assistance in completing this form please contact the Office of Township
Leasing on 1800 152 259.
Request should be forwarded to
Postal: GPOBox3671DarwinNT0801