Chapter 1: Leadership Lesson 6: Ethics in Leadership
Unit 3: LET 3 The Supervising Leader 1
Exercise #1 Ethical or Unethical
tep 1: For each scenario below, mark whether you think the action is “ethical” or “unethical” by
placing a check in the appropriate column.
Step 2: After reading your text on ethical choices, review your decisions from Step 1. Would you
change any of your decisions? If so, change your answer in the appropriate column. Explain your
reasons for your decisions in the last column.
# Ethical Unethical Scenario Reasoning
1 A nurse has had a stressful day
working in the hectic emergency
roomespecially after caring for
a family friend who was
admitted in critical condition.
The nurse tells her husband
about what happened to their
friend and her medical
2 Dick owns a small company. He
requires his employees to
contribute money or volunteer
time for his favorite charity on
behalf of the company.
3 Cindy, a bank teller has listened
to a co-worker’s worries for
many months. The co-worker
has a very sick daughter who
needs an operation. Recently,
Cindy notices that the co-worker
seems happy and is less
worried. The co-worker confides
in Cindy that she embezzled
$10,000 from the bank to pay
for her child’s operation. The co-
worker says she is paying back
the money. Cindy reports the
co-worker to her manager.
Chapter 1: Leadership Lesson 6: Ethics in Leadership
2 Unit 3: LET 3 The Supervising Leader
4 Honor student Bill has been
stressed out trying to maintain
his perfect 4.0 GPA. He’s trying
to get a scholarship to an Ivy
League school. His stress levels
are so high that he plagiarizes
part of a term paperand he
gets caught. Now his case is
before the high school Honor
Council. The council hears his
case, and learns about Bill’s
stress. The Council decides to
reprimand him on the records,
which will ruin his scholarship
5 Tom is an airport security
worker. All passengers pass
through body screening, but
only some are selected for
random luggage searches and
questioning. Tom uses racial
profiling to determine the
“random” screening.