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Application #
Owner Applicant/Agent
The following divisions of land are exempt from the requirements of Section 8.5.3, Subdivision Plat of the
Town of Jackson LDRs, per Wyoming Statute §18-5-303. Please indicate which type of exempt division you are pursuing and
acknowledge that you comply with any additional standards listed for that division type.
A division which creates cemetery lots.
A division which is created by the sale or other disposition of land to the state of Wyoming or any political subdivision
A division which may be created by any court of this state pursuant to the law of eminent domain, by operation of law, or
by order of any court in this state, except that this paragraph shall not exempt a partition of real property pursuant to
Wyoming Statute §1-32-101 through 1-32-122 from compliance with this article if the division would otherwise be
subject to the provisions of this article.
A division which affects railroad rights-of-way.
A division which is a sale or other disposition of land for agricultural purposes or affects the alignment of property lines
for agricultural purposes.
A division of land creating a parcel 5 acres or less for the purpose of establishing unmanned communication facilities,
compressor stations, metering stations, fiber optic booster stations, or similar unmanned facilities.
The sale or other disposition of land where the parcels involved are 35 acres or larger, subject to the following
Ingress and egress and utility easements are provided to each parcel by binding and recordable easements of
not less than 40 feet in width to a public road, or
Grantee or transferee specifically waives the above requirement in a binding and recordable document.
EXD Application 1 Effective 01/01/2015
A division of land made outside of a platted subdivision for the purpose of a single gift or sale to a member of the
landowner’s immediate family, subject to the following requirements:
Please confirm that you comply with each requirement by checking the box provided. If a standard is not applicable to
your situation, simply write “N/A.”
The grantee is a member of the immediate family, limited to any person who is a natural or adopted child,
stepchild, spouse, sibling, grandchild, grandparent, or parent of the landowner.
The purpose of the division is to provide for the housing, business or agricultural needs of the grantee.
The land shall have been titled in the name of the grantor for a period of not less than 5 years prior to the
division and parcels created under this paragraph shall be titled in the name of the immediate family member
for whom the division is made for a period of not less than one year unless such parcels are subject to
involuntary transfer including, but not limited to, foreclosure, death, judicial sale, condemnation or bankruptcy.
No parcel smaller than 5 acres created under this paragraph shall be further divided except in compliance with
Section 8.5.3 of the LDRs.
Where the landowner is a corporation and 80% of the shares are held by individuals related by blood or
marriage, the sale or gift may be made subject to the provisions of this Section to an immediate family member
of any shareholder who has owned at least 5% of the outstanding shares for at least 5 years continuously before
the date of the sale or gift.
submittal requirements are included. The Planning Department will not hold or
process incomplete applications.
Have you attached the following?
Notarized Letter of Authorization. A notarized letter of consent from the landowner is required if the applicant is not
the owner, or if an agent is applying on behalf of the landowner. If the owner is a partnership or corporation, proof that
the owner can sign on behalf of the partnership or corporation is also required. Please see the Letter of Authorization
template in the Administrative Manual for a sample.
Copies of Documents to be Recorded. Please attach copies of deeds, records of survey, contracts for deeds, maps or
other instruments that will be recorded with the County Clerk to accomplish the proposed division.
Certificate of Survey for Acknowledgement. Attach a certificate of survey acknowledged by all owners of record, and
with a place for Planning Director acknowledgement, stating that the division is exempted from review as a subdivision
under Wyoming Statute §18-5-303.
RECORDATION. Upon determination by the Planning Department that the claimed exemption is exempt, the Planning Director will
acknowledge the certificate provided. The applicant is responsible for recording the certificate and all other instruments, maps or
documents with the County Clerk in order to complete the division.
Review and acknowledgement of an Exempt Land Division serves solely as confirmation that the proposed division
meets the exemption criteria outlined in Wyoming Statute §18-5-303, based on the
information and acknowledgements
provided by the applicant. Acknowledgement of an Exempt Land Division by the Planning Director does not constitute review of
the proposed division for compliance with any other applicable standards of the Teton County Land Development Regulations,
nor does it approve or guarantee any future development on the subject property. Future development will be subject to review
for compliance with the Land Development Regulations.
Under penalty of perjury, I hereby certify that
I have read this application and state that, to the best of my knowledge, all
information submitted in this request is true and correct. I agree to comply with all county and state laws relating to the subject
matter of this application.
Signature of Owner or Authorized Applicant/Agent
Name Printed
EXD Application 2 Effective 01/01/2015