Excess Credit Hours Appeal Form
Pursuant to Florida Statute 1009.286, all courses are to be included in a student’s excess hours’ counter, this includes failed
courses, withdrawn courses, repeated courses, and all credit hours accepted by Florida Poly for transfer and applied to any
and all of the student’s bachelor’s degree programs. Florida Legislature states only courses attempted or earned under the
circumstances below should be excluded from a student’s excess hours’ counter. Please review the full Excess Credit Hour
information and complete this appeal form only if any of these circumstances are applicable to you.
Last Name: _________________________________________ First name: ____________________________ MI: _____
Student ID: ___________________________________ Email: _________________________________@floridapoly.edu
First Term in College After High School __________________ Date of High School Graduation ______________________
First Term at Florida Poly _____________________________
We only consider appeals for courses taken under the circumstances, which are relevant to Florida Poly. Please check the
description that applies and provide a statement of appeal below. Supporting documentation or terms and dates are required
and must be provided for consideration.
Credits that are earned through AP, IB, AICE, CLEP, or
high school dual enrollment.
Credits taken while active duty military.
Credits that are earned through an internship.
Transfer credits that do not apply to the student’s declared
major when they initially enrolled at Florida Poly. (Appeals
must be made within the first 12 months of enrollment.)
Courses withdrawn for medical reasons, personal hardship,
etc. Mitigating Withdrawal form processed and approved by
committee, but grades are not applied and/or excluded.
Please provide
a brief explanation of your appeal. Include specific courses and terms where applicable.
Student Signature
Return to the University Registrars Office | IST Building room 2052 | 863-874-8540 | registrar@floridapoly.edu
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