Evidence of Financial Support
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All international students must prove that they have sufficient funds to cover all tuition, fees, medical insurance,
and living expenses while a student at Nicolet College.
Estimated costs per year (based on 2020-21 academic year):
University Transfer/Liberal Arts
Room and Board
Books and Supplies
Personal Expenses
Health Insurance
All tuition amounts and living expenses are estimates. Amounts typically increase each year. Expenses do not
include tuition for the optional summer term. Room and board estimates are for off campus living. This is not a bill.
Full Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Last (Family Name) First (Given Name) Middle
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYYY):__________________________
Sources of Funds:
Funds from parents/sponsor or both: $_____________________________________
Personal funds: $_____________________________________
Government, Agency, or Employer: $_____________________________________
Total: $_____________________________________
Required financial documents from sponsors and banks must:
Be written in English or in the original language and accompanied by an official translation.
Show all money amounts in local currency with conversions into US dollars.
Include sponsor and applicant’s full names as they appear on the application.
Be the original letters with original hand-signed signatures in ink, with original stamps.
I certify that the information on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
______________________________________________________ ________________________________
Signature Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
For questions or more information please contact us:
Nicolet College, International Admissions, PO Box 518, 5364 College Drive, Rhinelander, WI 54501
E-mail: admissions@nicoletcollege.edu Telephone: (Country code 1) 715.365.4451 Fax: (Country code 1) 715.365.4901