Event Safety Checklist
The following checklist provides guidance on safety issues that you may encounter at a Scouting event. This is a tool
designed to create conversations among event organizers around risks and ways to mitigate or eliminate them.
Event Name: _____________________________________ Event Date(s): _____________________________________
Event Location: ___________________________________ Total Number of Attendees Expected: ___________________
Event Organizer: __________________________________ Event Day On-site Contact: ___________________________
Venue Contact: ___________________________________ Event Day On-site Contact: ___________________________
Planning (Venue)
Have the following been conducted or discussed with venue owners?
o Initial meeting conducted o Venue rules/requirements o Site walk-through conducted o Event map constructed
Risk Management
Are the following items needed?*
o Insurance requirements met o Contracts/indemnication o Participant liability waivers o Supplemental insurance
*Note: Communication with the council or the council ERM Committee can help in this area.
Has the following information been conveyed to event attendees?
o Logistics (time, place, etc.) o Parking plan/area(s)
o Safety/venue requirements o Areas where vehicles are not permitted
o Meals provided or not o Items prohibited at the event
Has the process for setup and teardown been established?
o Setup/teardown dates and times o Storage areas o Tools needed
o Special equipment needed o Barricaded areas/fencing
Have hazards been identied for the following areas?*
o Large assembly tents o Stages o Adult supervision for areas
o Inatables o Booths
*Note: In some municipalities, permits may be needed for setting up temporary structures
General Safety
Have the following safety issues been addressed?
o Attendee safety moment planned? o Road closures/barricaded areas o Drinking water at the event
o Tripping hazards (cords, etc.) o Risk assessments done o Other __________________
o PPE (gloves, vests, etc.) needed o Pest control __________________________
Have re hazards been identied and addressed?*
o Fire extinguishers in place o Evacuation process
o Sources of heat/sparks/open ames o Muster locations established
o Emergency vehicle access o Fire exits/access clear
*Note: In some municipalities, permits may be needed for open ames or res.
Are the following medical protocols or equipment in place?
o First-aid kit/AED o On-site EMT or medical ofcer o AHMRs unit-held or collected
o Medical lodge/center/tent o Closest ER or hospital identied
Have all utilities for the event been identied, discussed, and approved with the venue owner?
o Electrical/generators o Compressed gases
o Propane o Water
Hygiene and Sanitation
Is basic sanitation being provided?
o Portable toilets o Janitorial stafng o Trash disposal
Food Handling
Have the following food safety issues been addressed?*
o Licensed caterers used o Gloves for servers o Handwashing stations/sinks
o Food properly covered o Outside serving under cover/tent
*Note: In some municipalities, food service permits may be needed for selling, preparing, or distribution of food.
Have the following security issues been addressed?
o Scout check-in/out process o Armed intruder/suspicious person o Security guards/police needed
o Missing Scout o Bomb threat/suspicious package
Severe Weather
Have plans for weather emergencies been addressed?
o Go/no-go criteria for event o Lightning/thunderstorms o Hurricane
o Shelters identied o Tornadoes/windstorms o Flooding
o Method to notify attendees o Snow/cold weather
Have any unique hazards been evaluated?
o Live animals o Performers
o Noise/neighbors o Other ______________________________________________________
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