Event Permit Application
Community and Economic Development
This application will be reviewed and approved by the Police Department, the Public Works
Department, and the Fire & Code Department. Event Permit Applications must be submitted at
least 30 days in advance of event date for any event involving street closures or over 200
Required Event Information
Event Name __________________________________________________________
Event Date(s) _____________________ to _________________________
Event Hours of Operation ______________________________________________
Sponsoring Organization _______________________________________________
Organization Address __________________________________________________
City ___________________ State ________________ Zip _____________
Phone ______________________
Contact Name ________________________________________________________
Phone _____________ Cell ______________ Address _______________________
Email ___________________ Event Website _______________________________
Has the event been held in Winooski previously? Yes No
If yes, when? _____________________
Will your event involve any of the following?
200+ participants/attendees Street closure Serving alcohol
Attendance Information
*Events with over 200 attendees require City Council approval
Anticipated number in attendance (includes, participants, staff, vendors, spectators, etc.):
Street Closures Yes No
*Events with street closures require City Council approval. Fees are collected upon event approval
and prior to issuance of event permits.
Fees: $500/day for Winooski Falls Way
$50/day for block parties on residential streets
Street Name
Start Date
End Date
Time Closed
Time Opened
Please give a brief description of your event, its location, and any additional notes:
Event Element/ Requirements
Please carefully review and check all boxes that apply to your event.
General Liability Insurance in the
amount of $1,000,000 per
occurrence is required for: all
festivals, moving athletic events, and
other events as determined by the
City. Insurance certificates must be
received before your permit is
Insurance Certificate Attached
- City of Winooski must be
named as additional insured
- Include the name and date of
No Certificate Attached
- Event sponsor will review
requirements with City staff
Alcohol Sales/Use
Yes No
If you plan to sell/consume alcohol at
your event, applicants requesting a
special event permit or catering
permit must submit the permit
application no less than ten (10) days
prior to the event and receive
approval from the city clerk. All fees
must accompany the application and
shall be paid to the Dept. of Liquor
Control. Any event of more than 200
people or that requires closure of a
city street requires that the
application be submitted no less than
thirty (30) days prior to the event
and must be approved by the Liquor
Control Board. (City Ordinance Ch. 5)
Vermont Dept. of Liquor Control
Application for Festival Permit and
associated fees attached
Tents or Canopies
Yes No
Tents over 1,200 square feet require
a permit from the Vermont
Department of Public Safety. Permits
must be filed at least 30 days in
advance of event. The City may issue
additional requirements or conditions
pursuant to review of site plan.
Tent(s) over 1,200 sf will be used
Yes No
d/Beverage Vendors
Yes No
All vendors must be licensed by the
Vermont Department of Health.
The event will have
food/beverage vending and the
event organizer will ensure that all
vendors are licensed
k Usage
Yes No
If the event is held in a City park,
please verify that the park facility is
available on your date at
winooskivt.gov before applying for
an event permit. Fees for softball
fields, field lights, and Richards Park
are listed on the site.
Parks are reserved on a “first come,
first served” basis as permit
applications are received.
Fees are collected upon event
approval and prior to issuance of
event permit:
Casavant $200/day
Gilbrook $150/day
River Walk $150/day
Landry Park $150/day
tary Park Usage
Yes No
Fee for use of Rotary Park is
$200/day due upon approval of
event and prior to issuance of event
Due to traffic and pedestrian safety
concerns, events with over 200
attendees will require crossing
Will your event require crossing
Yes No
What is your plan for providing
crossing guards?
er Supply Usage
Yes No
Event sponsors are responsible for
ensuring that all portable wiring and
equipment shall be installed in
compliance with National Electrical
Code. Events are subject to spot
inspections at the City’s discretion.
City will work with event sponsors to
provide information and guidance.
Yes No
Stages at events should be erected
and inspected by a professional
rental or production company.
ge Vendor _________________
Amplified Sound
Yes No
No musical instrument, phonograph,
sound-making device or sound
producing system or vocal activity
shall exceed 100 decibels as
recorded from the curb line outside
of the permitted space, or a
reasonable distance from the sound
producing activity, as applicable.
(City Ordinance, Ch. 26) Compliance
with the noise abatement period
from 10 pm to 7 am shall be
Amplified sound will end by 10
Amplified sound will not exceed
100 decibels as recorded from the
curb line
No person shall deposit, throw,
cause to be deposited or thrown, or
permit to remain on any public or
privately-owned property in the city,
any garbage, rubbish or refuse (City
Ordinance, Ch. 7). Events shall
comply with all Vermont Universal
Recycling Law requirements.
How will you dispose of garbage
generated at your event?
Trash hauler will be contracted
Other (explain):
Please describe your recycling
Events may require restroom access
for your participants and attendees.
Please describe your plan for
event restroom access:
If your event involves alcohol or will
have peak attendance of 200 or
more, you may require security.
Please describe your plan for
event security:
Ambulance/Medic/First Aid Plan
Upon request of the City, event
sponsor may be required to have a
medic on site or a contracted
ambulance provider.
Applicant will be informed by City
staff if a medic or ambulance
provider is required after review of
Emergency Vehicle Access
Emergency vehicle access will be
maintained for all events.
The City will determine
Events should consider locations that
have sufficient parking options.
When attendance is projected to be
greater than nearby parking can
accommodate, shuttles or other
means of attendee access should be
Where will event participants
Will a shuttle from distant parking
locations be necessary?
Site Plan or Route Plan
For all events on City streets, parks,
lots, or property, a detailed site plan
must accompany the application. The
following must be labeled on the
- All entrances and exits
- Street closures
- Sidewalk usage
- Stage
- Food vendors
- Other vendors
- If alcohol is served, its gated
- Restrooms
- Power supply connections
- Tent locations and sizes
- Location of barricades
- If the event is a moving
athletic event
(run/walk/cycling) or a
parade/motorcade, you are
required to submit a detailed
route map with arrows
indicating direction of travel
Site plan showing required items
Yes No
For Office Use Only
Community Services
City Manager
Permit Issuance Date _________
Require City Manager Approval (Between Classification)? Yes No
City Manager: Require Council Approval (Between Functions)? Yes No
City Council Meeting Date Where Approved (Attach Minutes) _______________