Event Nocaon Form
In accordance with the Data Protecon Act 2018, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has a duty to
protect any informaon we hold on you. The personal informaon you provide on this form will only be
used for the purpose outlined.
The purpose of this form is so that the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and key agencies
can provide the permissions for Council event space / estate use and correct level of support and
You or your organisaon, club or department understand and agree that the informaon contained
within this form will be shared with key external agencies and across all relevant departments
within Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.
It will also be circulated to members of the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s Safety Advisory Group
(SAG) for the purpose of nofying key agencies (Emergency services and various departments) that an
event is taking place. This form acts as the inial brief to highlight to members of the SAG the nature and
size of your event which may require you to aend a SAG meeng to explain aspects of the event. It will
enable key agencies to provide advice and guidance on your event (road closures, licensing requirements)
helping to inform safe planning and delivery of your event; minimising the risk to public safety. Whilst this
is an inial events nocaon of your event, please complete each secon in as much detail as possible.
All event organisers seeking to use Fermanagh and Omagh District Council outdoor estate /
event space MUST contact Operaons and Estates BEFORE compleng this form to check the
outdoor venue and date availability.
Please contact Operaons and Estates directly on: 0300 303 1777
Yes I understand
Events Management Team Environmental Health Dept
Operaons & Estates Management Parks & Open Spaces/Technical Services Depts
Insurance & Risk Team Communicaons & Markeng.
Corporate H&S & Events Safety Advisor Any other Dept.:
Building Control & Licensing Dept
Oce use only
Date received:
Time Received:
Received by:
Form copied to:
Fermanagh & Omagh District Council Purposes Only
Front cover photos courtesy of BBCNI Proms, Donnie Phair
Event Nocaon Form
Event Informaon
We would like to add your Event to Fermanagh and Omagh District
Council’s Events Calendar which will be available to view online
publicly. Contact details and all event informaon submied on this
form will be placed on to the Council’s Website.
Please ck YES or NO for inclusion on the Council Events Calendar:
YES - I give permission for contact details and all event details to be placed on Fermanagh
and Omagh District Council Event Calendar.
NO - I do not give permission for any Event details to be placed on Fermanagh and
Omagh District Council Event Calendar
Please ll in your details below
Event Name
Start Date
End Date
Start Time
Finish Time
Event Locaon
(inc post code)
Event Descripon / Timetable
Expected Aendees / Parcipants
Entry Fee (if applicable)
Link to website / social media
Image Upload / Aachment
Event Nocaon Form
Event Category
(ck as appropriate)
Community Event Corporate Event
Fundraising / Charity Event Funfair / Circus
Cultural / Arts / Heritage Event Commercial Ticketed Event
Outdoor Music Event Sporng Event
Status Of Event
Who is responsible for the delivery of this event? (Select as appropriate)
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
(Departments within Council only)
External event organiser receiving nancial support from
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.
External event organiser seeking use of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
outdoor estate / event space.
Is the Event taking place on a Public Road that requires closure?
(If yes, please see further informaon in the Licensing secon)
12 wwks noce required before event
Are there any Public Car Parks to be closed in order to hold the event?
Name and locaon of Car Park:
Event Nocaon Form
Contact details
Main Contact details
Main Contact Name:
Organisaon Name:
Post Code:
Work phone:
Addional Contact details
Main Contact Name:
Organisaon Name:
Post Code:
Work phone:
Event Nocaon Form
Entertainment - The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 charges
District Councils with the responsibility of licensing places of indoor or outdoor entertainment.
Street Trading - The Street Trading Act (Northern Ireland) 2001 enables District Councils to regulate
street trading. The legislaon applies to every person selling, exposing or oering to supply a service in a
street or public place, whether or not in or from a staonary posion.
Road Closure- The Roads (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010 amends the Road Trac
Regulaon (Northern Ireland) 1997 Order to provide relevant authories (District Councils and Transport
NI) the power to prohibit or restrict the use of a public road for the purpose of holding a special event
on a public road. A ‘special event’ is dened as any sporng event, social event or entertainment
which is held on a public road or the making of a lm on a public road. Consent of the Department for
Infrastructure (Roads Service) (DFI) is required. If the DFI Roads Service objects on the grounds of road
safety issues or trac management issues, then approval shall not be given.
Please indicate below if your event will include any of the following acvies
(ck as appropriate)
Theatrical performances
Music, singing, dancing, or similar entertainments
Fairground Rides / Circuses
Boxing, wrestling, judo or karate matches or exhibions and similar sports
Snooker, pool and darts matches or exhibions and similar games
Video Machines
Selling, exposing or oering to supply a service in a street or public place e.g. food or alcohol
Public Road Closure (12 weeks’ noce required before event)
If you selected any of the previous event acvies listed then your Event is likely to
require a licence or licences.
Please contact the Council’s Building Control and Licensing Department directly on 0300 303 1777 or
for further informaon, please click the link below to the Council website:
Event Nocaon Form
TheMusicLicence allows you to legally play music for employees or customers in your business through
the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances.
Previously, businesses and organisaons had to obtain separate music licences from PPL and PRS for
Music. However, they have now come together to form PPL PRS Ltd and launch TheMusicLicence.
Do I need a music licence?
If you use, play or listen to recorded music in your business or organisaon, the chances are you need a
music licence.
Under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, permission is needed from the relevant copyright
holders – those people who create music – in order to play or perform music in public.
Obtaining TheMusicLicence gives you this permission, in relaon to the vast majority of commercially
available music. This ranges from grassroots and independent arsts and composers through to the
biggest names in the business.
It means you don’t have to spend your me and energy contacng potenally hundreds of thousands of
rightsholders individually to get permission to play or perform their music in your business.
How it works - PPLPRS collect licence fees from UK businesses and organisaons on behalf of our parent
companies, PPL and PRS for Music.
PPL then distributes these music licence fees for the use of recorded music on behalf of record
companies and performers, while PRS for Music distributes music licence fees for the use of musical
composions and lyrics on behalf of songwriters, composers and publishers.
This ensures that the people who create music are fairly rewarded for their talent and work.
Contact PPLPRS
Telephone: 0800 0720 808
Email: info@pplprs.co.uk / customerservice@pplprs.co.uk
Website: hps://pplprs.co.uk/business/live-music-fesvals-concert-venues/
Postal Address: PPL PRS Ltd., Mercury Place, St. George’s Street, Leicester LE1 1QG
Event Nocaon Form
Essenal documents
In order to thoroughly assess your applicaon, you must provide the event documentaon listed below
(insurances / risk assessments / safeguarding). Fermanagh & Omagh District Council will not be able to
accept / assess your applicaon without this.
The Event Acvies below require £5 million level of Public Liability Insurance.
Please select as appropriate.
Food vendors / products e.g. hot food vans / stalls
Physical Acvity Programmes (excluding cycle racing / road running racing)
Bands / Acts using electrical equipment including use of stage, PA systems, lights, ampliers etc.
Juggling / Balancing Acts
Circus Acts or Stunt Acts (higher risk acts may require £10m PLI)
Gazebos / Large Tents (temporary de-mountable structures)
Face painng / Balloon Modelling / Hula Hooping
Carnival / Procession
Please note, £5 million public liability insurance MUST be aached with this document regardless of the
event acvies otherwise it will not be accepted.
The Event Acvies below require £10 million level of Public Liability Insurance.
Please select as appropriate.
Assault course type compeon
Ballooning or ying of any kind
Cycle Race on Public Road
*Fairground Rides / Fun Fair
Fire breathing / eang
High risk circus / stunt acts
Inatable Play Equipment
Shoong / archery
Trampolines / Gymnascs apparatus or any apparatus requiring the use of safety harness or ropes
Pyrotechnics / pyrotechnical devices
Quad bikes / Go-Karts / Soap Box or any pedal powered / motorised vehicles
None of the above (£10m Public Liability Insurance not required)
If you have selected any of the event acvies above £10 million public liability insurance
MUST be aached with this document otherwise it will not be accepted.
Event Nocaon Form
*Please note, where fairground rides / fun fairs are being brought on site for the purpose of the event
the Health & Safety Execuve NI (HSENI) must be noed. All paperwork for each piece of equipment
i.e. safety cercates / risk assessments must be available for inspecon. Also, the employer’s liability
cercate for the provider responsible for erecng the equipment must be present on site and reviewed
For further informaon, please contact the Health and Safety Execuve for Northern Ireland
on Tel: 0800 0320 121 / Email: mail@hseni.gov.uk
Employers Liability Insurance-£10 million
If you are employing anyone to work at this event you MUST have Employers Liability Insurance of £10
Please select as appropriate.
Yes No
Are you Employing anyone to work at this Event?
Yes No
If Yes - You MUST aach copy of Employers Liability Insurance cercate of
£10 million.
Risk Assessments
Prior to the event taking place, Event organisers MUST produce and aach a detailed risk assessment,
to include any current regulaons/restricons and taking all reasonable measures to limit the risk of
transmission of COVID -19, as part of the overall event risk assessment and ensuring that all migang
measures are adopted, monitored and enforced.
Please select as appropriate.
Completed Risk Assessment (signed and dated)
Separate Fire Risk Assessment (if applicable)
Please select as appropriate.
Yes No
Child Sa
feguarding Document
Yes No
If you do not have a Child Safeguarding Document, please indicate if you agree to
abide by Fermanagh & Omagh District Council’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Code
of Pracce.
This can be be accessed on the Council’s website on:
Food Hygiene
Only businesses with Food Hygiene Rang 4 or 5 will be accepted at Fermanagh and Omagh District
Council organised or sponsored events. Event organisers must ensure relevant informaon is collected
from food traders and ad hoc checks may be carried out.
For further informaon please contact the Council’s Environmental Health department
on tel. 0300 303 1777 or email. eh@fermanaghomagh.com
Event Nocaon Form
Addional event elements
Please conrm which acvies and ulies you intend to ulise or permit at the event?
PSNI / Trac Management Plan
Fire Equipment (Fire exnguishers) or NIFRS Personnel in aendance
First Aid Personnel
Onsite Communicaons e.g. Radio Control / Control Room / Lost Children Point
Public Address System (P.A System)
Portable Toilets onsite
Stewarding / Security Personnel
Barriers / Fencing
Portable Generator (Diesel only permied)
Water supply (Limited supply at some Council sites)
Barbecue / BBQ
Mobile Stage
Recycling facilies and removal of waste
All areas accessible to disabled aendees
Other (please specify):
Please note, some acvies may not be permied at all sites.
Event Nocaon Form
Restore event venue/
If you are seeking to use Fermanagh and Omagh District Council property a Map and Site Plan are
required, clearly idenfying the locaon of the event and showing a detailed internal layout including
all temporary structures and support services, power supplies, toilet facilies, rst aid posts, organiser’s
control base, access / egress routes and the external perimeter of your acvity.
Undertaking to Restore Council Property aer an Event
Council Property / Venue:
Name of the Event:
Name of Organisaon holding the event:
Please ck
I / we undertake to restore Council Property above to the condion it was in prior to the
Damaged surfaces and equipment will be replaced.
All lier and event debris will be removed and disposed of to the appropriate Waste Disposal
Recycling Centre post event. (Contact Waste and Recycling to discuss 0300 303 1777)
A full report will be submied to Council of any changes made to the property.
I / We have aached a site plan detailing the layout of supplies & services
I / We have aached a map idenfying the locaon of the Event a Trac Management Plan
(where applicable).
Please note Fermanagh Omagh District Council may require to place a hire charge or bond for
the use of their outdoor venues or facilies. This will be agreed in advance with operaons and
estates services.
Name of person responsible for event on
behalf of organisaon
Date agreed to restore Council property:
Event Nocaon Form
What happens next?
Once the Event Nocaon Form and ESSENTIAL supporng documentaon (Secon 7) have been
received, the Events Management Team will conduct inial internal and external consultaon with
stakeholders. Aer this process has taken place, and if there are no major issues, you will be sent a
further informaon email / leer. This will outline if you, the event organiser, will be required to aend
a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meeng. A SAG meeng aendance is generally required for events that
have the potenal to have signicant impacts on the community and / or environment; or require input
and advice from a variety of authories.
If you are requesng the use of Council property, your Events Nocaon Form will be used as the
basis for seeking permission from Council. If you are in receipt of a Grant Aid, Sponsorship, hold an SLA
(Service Level Agreement) or are requesng the use of Council property, you will receive correspondence
that will clearly outline all the required acons and documentaon needed for the event to move
towards nal approval.
It must be noted that no event is considered approved unl Fermanagh and Omagh issue a nal approval
leer or e-mail, which outlines clearly any condions parcular to the agreement. Each event, depending
on its scale and nature, will have its own individual requirements from a planning, management and
delivery perspecve.
Refusal to hold an Event
If you are refused permission to host an event in Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, we will nofy you
as soon as reasonably possible. Fermanagh & Omagh District Council has the right to refuse permission
for any event in our parks, green and open spaces at our discreon including for the following reasons:
The deadline for essenal event paperwork/documents has been missed
The venue is not appropriate for the acvies being planned
The dates clash with other events and acvies at the venue
The event is not appropriate for the venue locaon, wild life, historical or cultural seng or unduly
eects residents or other venue users
The Health & Safety sta, Fermanagh & Omagh District Council Safety Advisory Group, PSNI, Fire
and Rescue Service have concerns about safety, trac and crowd control plans
Payments deadlines have been missed
There is insucient insurance cover for the event
Refusal to hold event- Due to COVID regulaons/restricons
- No Risk assessment (including COVID migang measures) aached to ENF
Please note, that the Council has the right to refuse any event applicaon.
Event Nocaon Form
The amount of lead me required for event applicaons varies and is dependent on the scale and nature
of the event. For events not aending a SAG, the deadline will be indicated in the further informaon
leer, usually not less than 28 days prior to the event date.
Below is a guide to the amount of me needed to process event applicaons for dierent categories.
Please be advised during busy periods it may take an extra two to three weeks longer to process your
Completed Risk assessment, including COVID migang measures, must be aached to ENF
Major scale event: Aendance 10,000+ approx (6months)
Large scale event: Aendance 5,001-10,000 approx and /or Parcipaon 500+ approx. (4 months)
Medium scale event: Aendance 251-5,000 approx and /or Parcipaon 251 -500 approx. (2 months)
Small scale event: Aendance 50-250 approx and/or Parcipaon 50 – 250 approx. (6 weeks)
The following items must be uploaded / aached with the submission of this form.
Please ck image upload / aachment Yes N/A
£5 million level of Public Liability Insurance
£10 million level of Public Liability Insurance (if applicable)
£10 million level of Employers Liability Insurance (if applicable)
Completed Risk Assessment (signed and dated)
Fire Risk Assessment (if applicable)
Child Safeguarding Document (If no, please ensure to agree to abide by
Fermanagh & Omagh District Council’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of
Signed Restore Council Property Form (including any Hire/Bond Payments)
Site Plan Map
Agree to Terms and Condions on page 14 of this document
Event Nocaon Form
Agreement to
Terms & Condions
Wherever possible, please complete this form and return the supporng documentaon via email to:
By subming this from you are giving consent for your informaon to be shared with internal and
external partners, where necessary. Your informaon will be processed within the terms of the Data
Protecon Act 1998 as set out in the Council’s Data Protecon Policy.
Name (in full):