Event Checklist
Student Government Association
SGA supports student organizations that provide programs and activities that will meet the needs of
the SUNY Cobleskill student population. Use this guide to help make your event planning process
easy and successful.
Confirmed event name, date, location, and other details.
Reserved the required space.
Submitted Request to Raise Funds Form to SGA (if the event is a fundraiser).
Designated a liaison to register the event with SGA (if a large event).
Reserved tables and chairs.
Arranged for food, if needed.
Purchased prizes and/or decorations.
Advertised the event through flyers, Office of Student Leadership e-mails, Student SharePoint,
Submitted disbursements for required funding to Student Financial Services.
REMEMBER: check requests and cash advance requests can take up to one (1) week to
process through Student Financial Services. No club or organization is allowed to exceed
their annual budget allocation and must use money as allocated in each line.
Deposited any money brought in within one (1) week after the event.