Exeter Conservation Commission
Event Agreement
NOTE: This agreement is in addition to permits required by the Town of Exeter.
Contact the Town Managers Office
to determine any additional permit needs
Event Name: __________________________ Event Date:____________________________
Point of Contact: _______________________
______________________________________ Estimate of Participants: _________________
Event Description: ________________________________________________________________________
Please read, sign and initial below. A copy of the notice of Authorization will be provided to you upon signature by
the Conservation Commission and should be in hand on the day of the event.
I, ______________________ agree to comply with the following terms for the above referenced event.
_____ Event related activities do not involve private property, unless authorized in writing by landowner, with
such permission provided to the Conservation Commission 2 days prior to the event.
_____ Two (2) days prior to the event, the course conditions will be inspected. If trails are wet, the event will be
cancelled or re-routed to avoid wet conditions.
_____ Inspection of trail conditions will be with the Conservation Commission’s representative prior to and after
the event. Trails will be returned to pre-event conditions within 7 days following the event.
_____ The event will be cancelled if rain occurs after the inspection or on the day of the race
_____ All litter will be removed within 24 hours following the event
_____ A map of the planned route is attached
_____ Trail markings shall be non-permanent
_____ Organizers are responsible for making arrangements for parking at Department of Public Works (if
applicable), police and traffic control, and provisions for port-a-potties at their expense.
Date/Time of Date/Time of
Pre-run Inspection ________________ Post-run Inspection _______________
________________________________ __________ ___________________________ _________
Event Point of Contact Date Conservation Commission Date