Created: 05/24/2006
Revised: 09/27/2019
Enrollment Verification Request
Phone Number: ________________________________
Name: Last First M.I.
Local Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip Code
Self-Service Enrollment Verifications are available on-line in two formats that are generally acceptable for health insurance or
loan providers. The verification includes the enrollment term dates and indicates full-time or part-time status. Printing your
enrollment certificate online means you will not have to submit this form to Records and Registration. Please try either of the
following two Self-Service Enrollment Verification options before submitting an Enrollment Verification Request to the Office of
Records and Registration.
1. National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment information is updated periodically throughout the semester. Enrollment for
Current Enrollment and All Enrollments are available. For instructions on obtaining an Enrollment Certificate through the
National Student Clearinghouse, keyword search “National Student Clearinghousefrom the Edinboro Homepage.
2. S.C.O.T.S. Enrollment is updated as soon as you are scheduled for a semester. Enrollment for Current Term, Enrollment
History-All Terms, Good Driver Discount, or Scholarship GPA and Enrollment options are available. For instructions on
obtaining an Enrollment Verification from S.C.O.T.S., keyword search “Enrollment Verification” from the Edinboro Homepage.
Enrollment verifications processed by the Office of Records and Registration are available if the Self-Service Enrollment
Verifications are not sufficient. Please allow sufficient time for request to be fulfilled, usually 3-5 business days. Current or
previous term enrollment will be verified upon request. Future term enrollment verification may be requested only after you have
Summer 20____
All previous and current enrollment
Term: Fall 20___
Spring 20___
Reason for
Verification will include: term dates, number of credits scheduled for current term, and estimated graduation date. If you are
requesting other information to be provided, please indicate below:
Name and address where information should be mailed:
Student Signature: Date:
Mail or Fax Completed Form to: Office of Records and Registration, Edinboro University, Hamilton Hall, 210 Glasgow
Rd, Edinboro, PA 16444, Fax: 814.732.2130, Phone: 814.732.3501