Enrollment Freeze Date Form
Enrollment freeze refers to the practice of locking the units a student is enrolled in for purpose of financial aid
award calculations. Once enrollment is frozen, a student would not go into an overpayment status for dropping
classes. If it is determined that a student never attended the class, the student’s account would be corrected to
reflect non-attendance and an overpayment could occur. If a student drops/fails all courses a Return to Title IV
Calculation will be completed (see R2T4 in your Terms and Conditions for more information).
BCC has three automatic enrollment freeze dates.
Freeze Date 1: Students enrolled full time for first nine week only courses will have their enrollment frozen at
census for the first nine weeks.
Freeze Date 2: Students enrolled full time for full term courses or a combination of full term and first nine week
only courses will have their enrollment frozen at census for the full term courses.
Freeze Date 3: All other students will have their enrollment frozen at census for the second nine week courses; this
includes all students enrolled in only second nine weeks and any student who has not attained full time status at
one of the previous enrollment freeze dates.
Students who do not plan to attend full time may request the enrollment to be frozen at either Freeze Date 1 or
Freeze Date 2 by submitting this form by the first paperwork deadline of the semester published on the
appropriate Disbursement Dates flyer (http://www.barstow.edu/fin_aid_forms.html
) for the semester of
attendance. Once enrollment is frozen, future enrollment will not be considered for further award calculations.
Students should consider carefully before requesting to have their enrollment frozen early.
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Please enter the year after fall or spring and mark one of the census options for enrollment freezing based on the
Disbursement Dates deadline.
Fall ___________
First Nine Week Census
Full Term (18 weeks) Census
Spring ___________
First Nine Week Census
Full Term (18 weeks) Census
I certify I understand that by submitting this Enrollment Freeze Date Form I am electing to freeze my enrollment at
a less than full time status. If I elect to enroll in any additional classes, they will not be used to increase my
enrollment status or my financial aid award. This decision is irrevocable once made. I also certify that I have
verified my current enrollment status and ensured that I am officially registered in all courses I am attending.
I am currently enrolled in ____________ units.
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