Enriching Lives Performance Award
Nomination Form
Employee Performance-based Recognition Program
The College acknowledges the importance of all faculty and staff and consciously endeavors to recognize
the achievements of employees through a performance-based recognition program called: ICARE.
Employees will be recognized based on any one of the MCCC Brand Values ICARE. ICARE represents
the five values by which internal behaviors, practices, and policies support MCCC’s Mission and Vision—
Investment, Community, Accessibility, Responsiveness, Enrichment.
Please nominate an employee you feel has exhibited a brand value. Check the particular value(s) and
write a short example on the bottom of this page to show how this person exhibited each particular
Investment: Invests time, energy and resources in students’ lives and is dedicated to their success,
creating positive outcomes, i.e. supports students, approachable, assists coworkers and students in a
positive fashion.
Community: United in sharing with our community, the nominee fosters academic fellowship and a
spirit of cooperation among each other, our students, local industry and academic colleagues, i.e.
networks, philanthropic, staff involvement, mentors and fosters relationships.
Accessibility: Provides local access to quality academics through convenient location, transferable
credits, low cost, and helpful staff while promoting student learning, i.e. knowledgeable and customer
service oriented, flexible to students and staff during office hours, and promotes a safe environment.
Responsiveness: In touch with the changing needs of our community, he/she actively works to equip
local residents and industry with the training and knowledge required to support economic
development, i.e. meets student and coworker’s needs through focus groups/surveys and advisory
committees, has academic/philanthropic relationships and has flexible scheduling anytime, anywhere,
and any way.
Enrichment: Nurture personal and professional growth and make work and life more meaningful and
rewarding, i.e. community outreach involvement, respond to external agencies , partners with outside
agencies, meets training needs for business and industry.
“Enriching Lives Performance Award”
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