Phil McBride, Ph.D.
Engineering Scholarship
Funding provided by National Science Foundation grant in partnership with ASU
"ASAP Project-Based Engineering Excellence Transfer Academy Across Arizona"
Apply by August 26, 2019 for Fall Semester
Eastern Arizona College is very pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for a
National Science Foundation (NSF) ENG Academic Success and Professional Development
(ASAP) Scholarship. Individuals chosen to participate in this NSF-supported ENG ASAP
program, with a focus on (but NOT limited to) Motivated Engineering Transfer Students
(METS), will receive an NSF ENG ASAP scholarship of up to $2,700 per academic year ($1,350
per semester) for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 academic year.
Program Overview: The purpose of this NSF-funded scholarship program is to discover,
nurture and develop engineering talent to meet the demands of the state and the nation. A
key program goal is for ALL scholars to
1. become Aware of the many exciting opportunities before them,
2. take Control of their lives, careers, professional development, academics (CPA), and
3. pursue Excellence with respect to all aspects of CPA.
ACE is directed at assisting each program participant to “optimally” coordinate CPA.
Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:
Register as a full time student (12 credits or more) for Eastern Arizona College classes for
the Fall 2019 semester as a declared Engineering major
Register for at least one course in the Engineering Major
Actively participate in the EAC STEM Club
Participate in at least one STEM outreach activity each semester (Engineering Day, Gila
Valley Health and STEAM Festival, Earth Day, Chemistry Adventure, Graham County Fair,
outreach to area K-12 schools, etc.)
Attend an Eastern Arizona College sponsored trip to ASU for discussion of possible
transfer opportunities
Compose an "Interest Paper", describing your personal career interests, to be submitted
with this application. This paper should be a minimum of 1 page in length.
Submit a letter of recommendation.
Have a completed FAFSA on file in the EAC Admissions & Scholarship office. NSF
Scholarships can only be awarded up to the maximum amount of unmet need.
Submit all requested information by August 26, 2019 via email to Phil McBride, Ph.D.,
Dean of Instruction, Eastern Arizona College Dean at For
questions call Dr. McBride at 928-428-8404 (Office) or 928-965-1574 (Cell).
We hope that you’ll be joining our growing community of scholars and mentors.
Thank you very much!
Phil McBride, Ph.D.
Full time student at Eastern Arizona College, FAFSA on file with unmet need, declared
Engineering major, letter of recommendation, statement of interest, taking classes toward
the Engineering degree, maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA, participation in STEM club.
Fill out this application
Interest Paper:
Take control of your career and start looking at where you are interested in working
and what you would like to do. This double-spaced, typed document will be a guide for your future,
and your plan for achieving career academic goals.
Introduction describing problems you are interested in solving, type(s) of Engineering, and
what you want to do as a career choice
Describe employers you are interested in working for and why you like these particular
companies (stable company, good products, innovative projects and products, location,
salary schedules, job opportunities, etc.)
Your preparation to date on coursework you have taken and personal experiences.
Include working in garages, leadership, project experiences, community service, computer
skills, jobs - paid and unpaid, etc.
Letter of academic recommendation written by your teacher, counselor, employer, or
someone (other than family) familiar with your qualifications. It is preferred that letters be
submitted on letterhead and must be signed and include contact information.
Applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Financial Need
Submit all requested information by August 26, 2019 via email to Phil McBride,
Ph.D., Dean of Instruction, Eastern Arizona College Dean at
For questions call Dr. McBride at 928-428-8404 (Office) or 928-965-1574 (Cell).
Phil McBride, Ph.D.
The following information has been requested from the National Science Foundation for the purpose of
tracking the success of the S-STEM program, and as a condition of the award for scholarship. The
information will be used by S-STEM advisors at Eastern Arizona College and will be reported to NSF.
Certain demographic information (gender, ethnicity, race, disability) is optional. All information will be
kept confidential, although NSF or
agents may contact you in the future to request your further
participation in evaluation of the S-STEM program. Such research will be used to help improve the
program, but you are not required to participate beyond providing the required information below.
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
E-mail Address:
Permanent Address:
City: State: Zip Code:
Zip Code:
School Residential Address (if different from above):
Address: City:
Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident?
Demographic Information:
Gender (check only one):
Do not wish to provide
Phil McBride, Ph.D.
Ethnicity (check only one):
Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic or Latino
Do not wish to provide
Race (check all that apply):
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Do not wish to provide
Disability (check only one):
Yes (check yes if any of the following apply)
Deaf or serious difficulty hearing
Blind or serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses
Serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs
Other serious disability related to a physical, mental, or emotional condition
Do not wish to provide
Do you work while enrolled in school?
How many hours on average per week during the term?
Phil McBride, Ph.D.
There are four assignments (Guaranteed 4.0, career plan interest paper, statement of purpose)
and three surveys required as part of receiving the scholarship.
All assignments and surveys are located on the website:
This page contains:
1. Assignment and survey due dates
2. Four Assignments. Each contains Outline, Videos, Assignment Statement, Samples
and Assignment upload links.
3. Three surveys (Google Form Links). The relevant login information is:
Username: superasapuser
Password: asapian4life!
Phil McBride, Ph.D.
Release of Information:
By signing below, I certify that the information contained in this form is true. I also give my
permission for all information in this form as well as the relevant information in my Eastern
Arizona College record, including transcript and entrance information, to be available to my S-
STEM advisors for the purpose of reporting to NSF and determining continuing eligibility for
this scholarship. I realize that NSF or its agents may contact me to request further
information for the purposes of evaluation of the S-STEM program, but that I am not
required to participate. I also understand that this form will become a part of my official
student record at EAC.
Applicant's Signature: