Employment Application For V1.1
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Employment Application Form
Expression of Interest
Advertised Position
If you selected ‘Expression of Interest’
please tick the type of employment you
would like to be considered for:
(Tick all that are applicable)
Permanent only
Permanent or Contract
Full-time only
Part-time only
Full-time or Part-time
Please list the subject areas you
are able to teach:
(Teaching positions only)
Do you have any connections with the
Redlands College community?
Title: First Name: Surname:
Home Phone Number: Mobile Number:
Email Address:
Work Eligibility:
Australian/NZ Citizen
Granted permanent residency in Australia
Granted temporary visa to work in Australia
Queensland College of Teachers Registration Number:
Expiry Date:
Has your Registration ever been
Registration Type: Full Provisional Other please comment:
Do you hold a current Blue Card: Yes
Blue Card Number: (if selected yes)
Blue Card Type: (if selected yes)
Paid Volunteer
Expiry Date: (if selected yes)
Under Queensland WorkCover legislation, we require you to, and it is your duty to, advise us of any pre-existing injury or medical condition, which would be
aggravated by the type of employment you have applied to undertake. You must provide us with this information before you commence in your
and any offer of employment is conditional upon your compliance with this requirement. If you fail to do so, or if you provide us with false or misleading
information, you will not be entitled to compensation or to seek damages for any event that aggravates the pre-existing injury or medical condition.
Do you have or suspect that you have any
pre-existing injuries or medical conditions:
Yes No if selected yes, please provide details:
Employment Application Form V1.1
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Church currently attending:
Frequency of attendance: Weekly Once a month Special occasions
Length of time you have been
attending this Church:
0 1 years 2 5 years 6 years or more
Please briefly share your faith journey:
If you are applying for a teaching position, please briefly share how you can contribute to the Redlands College teaching team through strong
pedagogy and positive relationships within the context of a Christian school:
All teaching staff are expected to be actively involved in an extra-curricular component at the College. Please list the activity or activities
you would be willing to contribute to: (e.g. sport, drama, debating etc.)
If you selected ‘Expression of Interest’ We will treat your application confidentially and will not contact your referees prior to requesting
permission from you.
If you selected ‘Advertised Position’ Have you provided (via your CV) or are you able to
provide 2 Professional Referees and 1 Pastoral Referee
Yes No
I am aware that in applying for this position, I am providing Redlands College with personal information for the primary purpose of
collection in order to assess my application for employment.
If applying for an Advertised Position, I give consent for Redlands College to contact the referees I have provided (via my CV) and
understand that this will be done in an ethical and legal manner.
I have read and understood the College’s Recruitment and Selection Policy, Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct and Position Statement
(accessible on the College website).
Upon submitting this application form, I declare that the information I have provided is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge
and I understand that this will be used to assess my application for employment.
Candidate’s Signature: Date:
Please email your completed Application Form, Cover Letter and CV to Shuen Lim, Human Resource Officer.
Email: recruitment@redlands.qld.edu.au
Employment Application Form