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Mandatory Employer Report
Mandatory Employer Report
Employers must report to the College when the employment of a registered early childhood educator (RECE) is terminated,
suspended or restrictions have been placed on their duties for reasons of professional misconduct or if the RECE resigns
under these circumstances.
Employers must report to the College when they become aware that an RECE who is a current or former employee is
charged or convicted of an offense involving sexual conduct and minors or an offence that, in the employer’s opinion,
indicates that a child may be at risk of harm or injury. Employers must also report any conduct by an RECE that they believe
should be reviewed by a committee of the College. College committees address issues related to professional misconduct,
incompetence or incapacity.
Employer Obligations
Upon filing a Mandatory Employer Report, the employer must provide a copy of the report to the RECE who is the subject of
the report. The employer must also provide any information it has regarding the professional misconduct to the College
within 30 days of filing the report.
I wish to submit a mandatory employer report to the College of Early Childhood Educators
Your Name
Position with the Workplace
Workplace name
Workplace address
Confidential e-mail
Workplace telephone
Supervisor’s name (if applicable)
Owner’s name (if applicable)
Parent organization (if applicable)
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Member Information
If your report relates to more than one RECE, please fill out separate forms for each.
Name (please include College
registration # if known)
Position in Workplace
Home address (if known)
Workplace name and/or site
Workplace address
Home Telephone
Start date of employment in the
End date of employment in the
Workplace (if applicable)
Parent Contact Information (if known and applicable)
Parent(s) name(s)
Home address
Work address
Home Telephone
Incident(s) Information
Where did the incident(s) occur (infant room, staff room, playground, etc.)?
When did the incident(s) occur (time and date)?
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Additional Contacts (if applicable)
Name of Program Advisor with
the Ministry of Education
Work address (if known)
Work Telephone
Involvement/Action Taken
Name of Children’s Aid Society
Work address (if known)
Work Telephone
Involvement/Action Taken
Name and badge # of police
Work address (if known)
Work Telephone
Involvement/Action Taken
Other (please specify)
Work address (if known)
Work Telephone
Involvement/Action Taken
If the police have been contacted regarding this incident, please answer the following:
To your knowledge have criminal charges been laid against the Member? Yes No
If yes, please provide the following information:
Offences charged
Date charges laid (YYYY-MM-DD)
Police Service (OPP, municipal
force, etc.)
Contact Name
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Supporting Documentation (please see attached list below)
In order for the College to successfully complete its investigation, it is important that you submit any supporting
documentation along with your report. This may include:
relevant policies
serious occurrence reports
employment termination letters
verbal/written warnings
pictures, video footage
witness statements
any other information you feel may be relevant to the investigation or useful for the Complaints Committee
during its deliberation
If the College requires any information you will be contacted.
If you provide any supporting documentation, please ensure it is properly labelled and explain its relevance to your
Your Name:
Please complete this form and submit it in one of the following ways:
By e-mail:
By mail:
Office of the Registrar
c/o Professional Regulation Department
College of Early Childhood Educators By fax:
438 University Avenue, Suite 1900 416 961-6995
Toronto, ON M5G 2K8
By typing/printing my name below, I confirm that I have completed all relevant fields in this Mandatory Employer
Report Form and have included all relevant information and supporting documents for submission to the College.
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Supporting Documents
To collate the appropriate information, please use the following checklist.
Member’s first, middle and last names
Member’s date of birth
Member’s registration number
Member’s current or last known address
The start date and end date, if applicable, of the Member’s employment
Age group of the children in the Member’s care
Information/documentation regarding any previous disciplinary/behaviour/conduct issues
Member’s current employment status
Any relevant workplace policies
Transcripts or minutes of employer meetings related to the Member’s employment status
Copies of correspondence concerning the Member’s suspension or termination
Contact information of the employer, supervisor, principal, and the lawyer for the employer (if applicable)
Documents related to the employer’s investigation of the matter
Contact information of witnesses
Names, addresses, telephone, numbers of witnesses, including ages of children witnesses
The relationship of the Member to the affected children
Any other information the employer deems may be of assistance
For a member charged with, or convicted of, a criminal offence (in addition to the list above):
Contact information of the parents, co-workers and witnesses, including the ages of the children
at the time of the offence(s)
The date the Member was charged, if known
The specifics of the offence(s), if known
The dates of any upcoming hearings, if known
Contact information of the Crown Attorney and the address of the court, if known
Documents from the proceedings, if available
Relevant transcripts, if available
Please send information you currently have available even if you are still in the process of collecting other information.
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