MSU Financial Aid Office
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Employee Spouse/Dependent Tuition Waiver Application and Policy
Employee Name
Employee ID#
Student Name
Student ID#
Student Date of Birth
Waiver Applies to (check one)
Spouse Dependent
Student Status (check one)
Undergrad Graduate Early Entry
Term of Waiver (Complete Year & check one)
Year: 20___ Fall Spring Summer
new application is required for each semester and should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office
10 days prior to the start of each semester.
Verification documents must be attached to prove relationship status to the employee:
Marriage Certificate
Birth Certificate and or other government issued documents
Other 3
party documents may be required, such as a financial aid report,
health insurance documentation, or tax documents
I certify that I have read and understand the MSU Spouse/Dependent Tuition Waiver policy.
understand that this waiver will be approved only if I, the employee or student, have no past due balance, that the value of the
waiver will be included as financial assistance in the student’s financial aid package and that the above student is enrolled in the
term associated with this application. I understand that waivers granted for graduate level courses are taxable to the
authorize the release of any information, pertinent to decide eligibility request, to Human Resources and/or Payroll Services,
Registrar’s Office and the Business office. In the case of a family members request, I authorize release of information, pertinent
to this request, to the employee. I have provided the required documentation of spouse or dependent relationship.
Employee Signature_______________________________________________________________ Date ___________________
Student Signature______________________________________________________________ Date ___________________
Completed forms must be submitted to the MSU Financial Aid Office, 2
floor, Administration Building
Human Resources and/or Payroll Approval
Benefited employee position verified.
HR/Payroll Approval Signature ____________________________________________________ Date____________________
Financial Aid Approval
The above spouse/dependent meets the eligibility criteria per MSU Tuition Waiver policy for Spouse/Dependents and is eligible to
receive a 50% waiver of Tuition for MSU courses.
Financial Aid Approval Signature __________________________________________________ Date_____________________