Employee Parking Options:
(No fee will be charged)
Note: If you are observed parking on campus, a parking violation will be issued and you will be
charged the $66.00 Standard Parking Fee.
________ I DO PARK ON CAMPUS - Please select option
_______ $66.00 Standard Parking
_______ $180.00 Reserved Parking
#________ Renewal (Same space only)
Note: If your form is NOT received by the deadline, you will forfeit your reserved space.
Please indicate your first (1) and second (2) preferences (mark only if
you would like to be on the waiting list for Reserved Parking).
___ ___
Cowan Hall - Front
_______ New West Lot (Hagener)
_______ Farm Mechanics
_______ Lower Gym
_______ SUB/Food Service
Payment Options:
_______ Cash/Check Enclosed
_______ Payroll Deduction
_______ One Time Deduction (effective September 1st)
_______ 3 Equal Monthly Payments (effective September 1st)
_______ 6 Equal Monthly Payments (effective September 1
Signature Date
Please Print Name
Per Parking Policy 901.1 Vehicle Regulations, Section III. Registration and Permits, 2.
Who Must Register: b. All employees at the Havre campus who park on the Havre
campus. Please fill in your primary vehicle information below.
License Plate#__________________________ State_________
Vehicle Make/Model____________________________________ Color_____________
Return signed form to the Business Office by September 8, 2020.
**If this form is not returned, we will assess the Standard parking fee of
$66.00 to your account.**