Employee Notification System
The City of Little Rock currently utilizes the Blackboard Connect Notification Service to send
important information, such as City office closures inclement weather information and
emergencies both of a natural and man-made nature, etc. With the Blackboard Connect Service
you can receive information sent via phone call, text message, or email within minutes.
Participation is completely voluntary and up to six (6) means of contact (mobile phone, land line,
text message, or email) can be registered. This service is free depending on the texting package
you have with your cellular carrier.
NOTE: You MUST have AT LEAST one telephone number in order to utilize the
notification system.
Employee Number: ______________________
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First Name (Print) Last Name (Print)
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Home Phone Mobile Phone
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Work Phone Text Message (SMS Phone)
Email Address 1
Email Address 2
Return the completed form to your time-keeper or the Human Resources Department. Should you
need to make changes to your information already on file, or wish to opt-out of the system you
must complete a new form. Please understand that if you choose to opt-out it may take up to four
weeks before your information is removed and you no longer receive notifications. If you have
questions or need information regarding please contact Human Resources at (501) 244-5465.
Completed forms may be returned via fax # (501) 371-4496 or emailed to sedgar@littlerock.gov.
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