Employee Giving
As faculty and staff at Taft College, we work together to support and change the lives of our students that
strengthen our community. Your gift, regardless of size, strengthens the investment in our community college’s
future. Consider making a monthly contribution through a payroll deduction. Taft College has over 300 em-
ployees, and a small investment can make a huge difference. We appreciate your support.
YES. I would like to contribute to Taft College Foundation! Return to the Taft College Foundation office. All
deductions are tax deductible.
Name:__________________________________________ Address:________________________________________
City:__________________State:________Zip:_________ Phone:______________Email:______________________
Payroll Deduction
I pledge a gift of $____________per pay period
Cash/Check aached in the amount of $______
(made payable to the Taft College Foundation)
Please charge $________to my credit card
(We will call you to complete your donation)
I authorize an automatic deduction to the Taft College
Foundation. You must notify the business office to
cancel your deduction.
(Signature is requred for automatic deductions)
_____ Alumni Association
_____ Art Gallery
_____ Athletics
_____ Career Technical Education/Welding
_____ Celebrating Lives (Loss of Student)
_____ Childrens Center
_____ Dental Hygiene Program
_____ Energy Technology
_____ Engineering
_____ “For Your Future” Scholarship (Grad Summit)
_____ TC Fund/Faculty Innovation Grants
_____ TC Promise
_____ TIL Program
_____ Unrestricted Funds
_____ Other______________________________
Taft College Foundation, 29 Cougar Ct. Taft, CA 93268, 661.763.7936
Sheri Horn-Bunk, Executive Director
Taft College Foundation does not provide goods or serivices in whole or partial consideration for any contributions
made to the organization by payroll deduction.
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