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Any refund due to me for providing this notice of opting out or completing the Canvas opt-out process
may take 2 to 4 weeks.
By signing below, I also understand and acknowledge:
Course Subject and Section
Course Reference Number (CRN)
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Email completed form to or drop off at any Collin Cashier Office location.
Collin College First Day Access, Notification of Intent to Opt-Out
I am voluntarily declining the publisher discounted rate for the digital materials negotiated and
provided by the publisher, Barnes and Noble, and Collin College.
This opt-out notification does not change my course enrollment status.
The eMaterials, including any digital textbook and associated labs or platforms may not be available
through other venues or at the same negotiated price.
The digital textbook and associated labs or platforms will not be available to me through Canvas and
might negatively impact my successful completion of course requirements.
I am responsible for all course work and deadlines, even if I no longer have access to the digital text
and/or a alternative purchased textbook.
I have read the items above and understand how each applies to my registration for the course and
the charges for the First Day Access course materials.
My signature below is confirmation of my understanding and agreement to the following:
I am providing notice of my intention to opt-out of the First Day Access program to receive digital
course materials for the above course and request the course materials fee be reversed on my
student account.
This notification is specific to the eMaterials charge on my student account and I must also select the
opt-out option of the First Day Access program for the course above through Canvas, the Course
Materials link, in the first two days of the class.
If I do not complete the required opt-out steps in Canvas and/or do not drop the course, I am liable
and responsible for the First Day Access fee amount, and any account balance will be due and
collectable under Collin's established student loan and/or debt procedures.